Batimat Paris 2024

Paris Porte de Versailles (VIPARIS) , Place de la Porte de Versailles 1
Paris (FR)

Batimat Paris: the trade show

Batimat confirms its role as the world's leading construction exhibition . The main topics of the show are the Roofing, Insulation, Doors & Windows, Painting, IT and Intelligent Building sectors. A real pioneer for the industry, Batimat is the world's biggest showcase for building equipment, materials and services.

Batimat Paris editions

Batimat Paris 2024 From to Paris Porte de Versailles (VIPARIS)
Batimat Paris 2022 From to Paris Porte de Versailles (VIPARIS)
Batimat Paris 2021 From to Paris Nord - Villepinte
Batimat Paris 2019 From to Paris Nord - Villepinte

The best stand builders in the area to ensure you reap the benefits of exhibiting at Batimat

The innovative construction and architectural trade show Batimat is one of the most important international shows of the industry. Hosted in Paris, France, 3,500 exhibitors and over 400,000 visitors from all over the world attend the event. With so many potential clients at the show, any company or business part of the construction and architecture industry would benefit from exhibiting at Batimat.

Batimat Paris Stand

Additionally, of the total 400,000 visitors, 96% were satisfied with the overall event, and 8/10 visitors make purchases at the event. As the trade show continues to flourish, it’s innovations will attract even more visitors to participate fully in the event. With more participation, more exhibitors will have the chance to create strong relationships with potential clientele. On top of the vast number of visitors at the trade show, Batimat will now be held at Paris’ Nord Villepinte venue. This venue, close to the airport with a modern layout and design, is the most preferable venue for international shows. By having Batimat at Paris Nord Villepinte, the show will be even more accessible for and attractive to both international exhibitors and attendees.

Exhibition Design Batimat

The move to Nord Villepinte has also allowed Batimat to team up with two other large events, Interclima + Elec and Idéo Bain. The combination of these three shows of the same sector will create a unique experience for all those involved while also granting all of the event a chance to receive more exposure and success than they ever have before.

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