Are you an architect or designer? Then attend London’s annual Surface Design Show, where architects and designers alike come together to share their ideas, products, and services. With over 4,620 attendees and over 120 exhibitors, this event attracts many businessmen of the architectural and design sectors.

Design Surface Show Exhibition Area

Focusing on the core market, the Surface Design Show hosts exhibitors who inspire others throughout their live projects at the event. On top of the exhibitors, the show consists of over 30 seminars and presentations. If you’d rather have a more interactive experience at the event, don’t worry there are plenty of opportunities through both the exhibitions and other features such as “Materials Speed Dating” and various live debates.

Materials Speed Dating gives attendees the opportunity to come into close contact with different materials, surfaces, and finishes. By having potential clients come into close contact with the actual product in a fun and innovative way, clients are more likely to spend more time and money at the event.

Design Surface Show Stall

With its growing popularity and unique characteristics, the surface Design Show is the perfect place to exhibit your innovative and futuristic products or services. Don’t miss out on this future-thinking event that will surely give your company and business more exposure in the architectural and design markets and book your stand today. Then, contact us at nEventum for more information on the event and finding a contract to build your stand.