Stuttgarter Messe Und, Messepiazza 1
Stuttgart (DE)

GARTEN: the trade show

A unique ambience and thematic diversity characterize the GARDEN. Horticultural concepts , plant aesthetic, rare herbs , design ideas and furniture show all facets of outdoor living . Welcome to GARDEN outdoor-ambience, the enchanting exhibition on the private green. Stylish transitions from inside to outside are shown in a unique atmosphere. Around 130 exhibitors present their latest trends, charming garden - style, lush plant diversity and quality furniture and accessories. For although each green living area of the same basic elements: earth, water, stone and plants is given. Experience in our complex built show, gardens with a diverse cross-section of size, design, implementation and planting.

GARTEN editions

GARTEN 2022 From to Stuttgarter Messe Und
GARTEN 2021 From to Stuttgarter Messe Und
GARTEN 2019 From to Stuttgarter Messe Und
GARTEN 2018 From to Messe Stuttgart