Fruit Attraction 2024

Ifema Feria de Madrid , Avenida del PartenĂ³n 5
Madrid (ES)

Fruit Attraction: the trade show

Fruit Attraction is the international fruits and vegetables trade show organized by Ifema. Fruit Attraction combines online tools potential with the trade show commercial advantages. Fruit Attraction is an innovative and functional business center for horticulture sector professionals.

October 2011 Edition:

To mark the attraction Fruit Fair, held aside in Madrid, Madrid community we hire an entertainer dressed as a hostess fruit image, within 4 days of the fair.

Fruit Attraction editions

Fruit Attraction 2024 From to Ifema Feria de Madrid
Fruit Attraction 2023 From to Ifema Feria de Madrid
Fruit Attraction 2022 From to Ifema Feria de Madrid
Fruit Attraction 2021 From to Ifema Feria de Madrid

Set your budget and book your stand for Fruit Attraction Expo

Fruit Attraction is hosted in the wonderful city of Madrid. It attracts over 40,000 trade professionals in the fruit and vegetable sector. Amazing opportunity to obtain information and make new deals in the specialized Spanish and Latin American markets, all in one place.

Fruit Attraction Exhibition Design

Three full days where you can develop contacts, participate in forums, arrange meetings, directly compare the characteristics of all the product ranges and many more things too. Come and participate in this show, we would love to help you find the right stand builder and designer for you.

Participate with the other 88 countries as you build a business network that is ideal for you. Enjoy the chance of attending congresses, seminars and parallel events, which are a magnificent source of information about trends and developments in the sector. As you an see you have many benefits by attending this trade show, no matter what you do in the industry.

Define your objectives, set your budget, organize your meeting agenda and from then on look, operate and sell. Let us know what you have in mind and we will show you the top five stand designers in the area, free of cost.