Celebrated in Madrid, EXPOFRANQUICIA is once again an amazing great reference point for the franchise sector in Spain. This is a leading event that is displayed all over the media. As in its platform, you are able to see the latest news straight from thousands of entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed who have ventured off to this kind of life.

Madrid Exhibition Booth Expofranquicia

If you are interested in starting this business formula, this is an important fair that you shouldn't miss. You are able to see all the latest developments in the world all in the same place. And no matter what sector you are interested in, you can find everything you need. From decoration to hotel, from travel agencies to cosmetics and beauty.

And even more so, there are stands that offer the right material you need to furnish your future franchise. With great opportunities for those who are looking to start in the business , you are able to contact with the leading stakeholders in this sector. Plus, hear their excellent and useful advice.

Also, various banners and consultants, take advantage of the room to stage conferences, round tables thus providing a forum for analyzing and preparing future deals. Old and new participants of the EXPOFRANQUICIA are well received and they even have an opportunity to take a jab to expand their own knowledge.