UITP World Congress and Exhibition helps us discover the most current public transport market developments and learn from industry leaders. There are numerous networking connections with fellow colleagues and business opportunities happening all around this expo.

Uitp Exhibition Stand

Based in Milan, its aim is to make public transport better and use sustainable mobility all over the world. Presenting the best professionals in the business, there will be ongoing talks and tips in every hall. Its slogan is “Smile in the city”. Being an acronym of the keywords related to this industry. Sustainability, mobility, innovation, lifestyle and economy are the top areas in which the trade event is divided in.

Uitp Stand

Whether if it is to protect the environment or make the city's economy grow, you can find everything you need to stay informed with the latest. Stands are mainly environment-friendly, comfortable and with space to sit down for business meetings. Some areas include being able to experience real public transportation from around the world thanks to its life-size replicas.

If you are looking to strengthen your business brand in the public transportation industry, this is an excellent trade fair to attend to. Book your stand and contact us today. We will help you find the best stand designer and builder just for you.