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Salone DeGusto: the trade show

DeGusto was born in 2021 as an event aimed at the Eno-Agro-Food sector, as an event responsible for the promotion of good food and, in particular, the enhancement of quality made in Italy.

DeGusto, as an ambassador of high food quality, opens its doors not only to operators in the sector such as importers, buyers, large-scale retail managers and small-medium distribution, specialized wholesalers, managers of bars, snack bars, pubs, breweries, take aways, catering companies, chefs and specialized press, but also to the general public, the one who, giving a concrete evaluation to the product, It can highlight the real gastronomic needs of the market, the one who, on this occasion, represents the final consumer who will buy, according to a taste-olfactory perception and the value for money.

Initiatives, partners and awards

DeGusto, in addition to guaranteeing the professional meeting between the main players in the food & beverage sector, makes use of important collaborations and partnerships that allow it to enrich its interest in the fair with content . The main topics focused by DeGusto are aimed at: Eco-sustainability, Production quality, Innovation, Solidarity, Sharing, Business and Brand Identity.


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