At Paris Air show, you will find the world's leading event dedicated to the aerospace industry. It showcases 2,215 exhibitors who reach out to 315,000 visitors from all across the globe. No matter the whether conditions, this expo keeps on growing strong after running for more than 100 years.

Paris Air Show Exhibit Design

Claimed as the most important meeting place, it is open to professionals and general public alike, inspiring a large number of careers start-ups. Bringing the whole industry together every two years, there are endless amounts of marketing opportunities and discoveries on all the latest developments, all on a single site.

Paris Air Show Booth Area

If you are interested in getting a stand, make sure to book it through their website. Then, come back to us and we will help you find one of the best stand designers in the area, precisely for you. Aircraft, satellites, cabin security, software, subcontracting, equipment, you name it, it is there.

No doubt in mind that due to the size of this show, its fairground turns into an ongoing area to do business, catch up on the novelties and present your products. Show the world and be ready to participate in Paris Air Show.