Salón de Gourmets 2024

IFEMA - Feria de Madrid , Avenida del Partenón 5
Madrid (ES)

Salón de Gourmets: the trade show

International Show of the Club of Gourmets, Madrid, is the meeting point of manufacturers of delicatessen products, and also a quality reference for the european gastronomy. In the trade show one can assist to product presentations, competitions, debates and shows among other activities.

Since 1999 the trade show includes the Senses Hall with the aim of  bringing the non professional public closer to the products exhibited in the International Show of the Club of Gourmets.

Salón de Gourmets editions

Salón de Gourmets 2024 From to IFEMA - Feria de Madrid
Salón de Gourmets 2023 From to Ifema Feria de Madrid
Salón de Gourmets 2022 From to Ifema Feria de Madrid
Salón de Gourmets 2020 From to Ifema Feria de Madrid

Salón de Gourmets displays over 30,000 products from around the world

Salon de Gourmets is the only international trade fair that is specialized in Gourmet products in Europe. This is the perfect tool for broadcast your novelties and discover the latest trends all in one go. Many top personalities visit this four day event, people such as Majesty King Juan Carlos I, Ambassadors, Autonomous Communities Counselors and many other famous artists.

Salon Gourmet Madrid Booth

Representing trade professionals from all around the world, this is an exclusive show to attend and participate in, as it show only the highest quality of food and beverage. Take advantage of this expo, if you take joy in this industry, book a stand. Be seen by the world and let us know what kind of stand design you have in mind. We will show you only the best ones in Madrid, all free of cost.

More than 30,000 products that arrive from around the world fill up the show-floor in the most impressive and exquisite way. With nicely-done backdrops, lounge chairs and classy designs, you will be lured in right from the start. Not only that, this expo also counts with the launches of 1,000 products.

As you visit the workshops, seminars and walk through the hallways, you will see the top products being premiered right before your eyes. Join alongside the 80, 000 visitors and reach out to the 1,164 exhibitors all under one roof. There is no other event like this in Europe.