Marmomac 2023

Fiere di Verona , Viale del lavoro 8
Verona (IT)

Marmomac: the trade show

Marmomacc is the major international show dedicated to companies working in the natural stone sector.

The International Natural Stone and Technology fair is the leading international event in the natural stone sector and the essential appointment for all producers, operators and decision makers seeking success in an increasingly specialized and competitive context.

A major showcase highlighting the best production traditions and innovation on a national and international scale, international projects, with many initiatives promoting the special features and wealth of natural stone and the expressive potential of stone materials in architecture and design.

Marmomac editions

Marmomac 2023 From to Fiere di Verona
Marmomac 2020 From to Fiere di Verona
Marmomac 2019 From to Fiere di Verona
Marmomac 2018 From to Fiere di Verona

Find all your construction needs at Marmonacc!

Marmomacc is the fair that you need if you are in the stone industry, from machinery to instrumental products, from marble blocks to more complex processing to many more areas. This is made for professionals in construction and contract sectors. As well as designers and decision makers who are looking for successful meetings in a lively environment.

Marmomacc Design

There are highly qualified international buyers with match-making initiatives. These present their studies, research and ideas in the many workshops that are set around the show floor. This expo is without a doubt a major highlighted showcase for this community. Having an expressive potential of stone materials in architecture and design, it promotes design and technology all together.

Marmomacc Stand

Be sure to have a spot at this trade show. Count on us to help you find the right stand builder and designer you need. There are 1,500 exhibitors who come 58 countries who all take advantage of this fundamental meeting place. From current issues to evolutionary trends, you will be able to see every design factor here. DonĀ“t miss out!