Intertraffic China 2024

New China International Exhibition Center NCIEC , 88 Yuxiang Road, TianZhu Area, Shunyi , 100031 Pekín, Pekín, China
Shanghai (CN)

Intertraffic China: the trade show

Intertraffic China, the number one World Trade Fair for Traffic Technology will showcase products, services and solutions for infrastructures, ITS traffic management, parking, road safety and allied subjects.

This event aims to build a business platform for service providers, manufacturers, government representatives and contractors to discuss the latest trends and developments in this field and see the latest products.


Intertraffic China editions

Intertraffic China 2024 From to New China International Exhibition Center NCIEC
Intertraffic China 2023 From to Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
Intertraffic China 2019 From to New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)
Intertraffic China 2018 From to New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC)

Arrange business meeting via the online matchmaking tool at Intertraffic China

Every year people are more aware of pollution and safety in transport and countries are trying to focus more on smart technologies and eco-friendly techniques. Intertraffic is an international event with up-to-date solutions for smart cities. This 2017 edition is coming with a lot of novelties in an advanced destination like Shanghai.

What’s the actual situation of the industry?

The traffic and transport industry is moving due to developments in areas such as automotive, telecom and the internet. The industry is becoming smarter. It's advancing with new products and solutions of which many of these have a focus on improving the way of living including the reduction of pollution and securing safety. New developments and products in traffic mobility contribute to sustainability and therefore a green world.

The event is divided into five main themes. What are the novelties in each one for this 2017 edition?

We have a great partnership with TTEC. They organise the national companies and therefore the areas, whilst Intertraffic organises the international companies within the international pavilion.

Could you highlight some new activities or conferences?

Besides the local and international exhibitors, visitors can learn about latest trends and best practices in seminars, arrange a business meeting via the online matchmaking tool, the field trips in Shanghai and more.

The most part of your exhibitors is local. Can you give us some advice to make contacts and do business in China?

We will do our utmost to connect as much international and Chinese professionals for future business opportunities. A dedicated seminar about how to do business in China followed by a guided export including Chinese companies looking for export partners.

Is Shanghai an example of a smart city? Why?

Shanghai is developing rapidly an exciting new path to become a truly smart metropole. This city benefits from the Internet and related technologies to the full, aiming to become the centre of technological innovation for business and cultural transformation. An interesting example is Nice city Shanghai  International Automobile City.

Who can visit the event?

Intertraffic is the international marketplace for smart mobility, infrastructure, traffic management, road safety and parking. Connecting professionals in traffic technology industry worldwide. 

Our shows and also the Chinese edition of Intertraffic is attended by professionals working in the traffic and transport industry. They are decision-makers, joint decision-makers, consultants, contractors and installers from private and public companies and come from all over the world.

What characteristics does an exhibitor have to have to be a success in a trade fair like this one?

Doing business abroad is challenging and every country needs a specific approach. For Intertraffic China international companies are invited to join our dedicated International programme. It is our aim as the international marketplace for traffic to offer as much as an added value to our visitors & exhibitors with valuable connections with a focus on, Business, Knowledge, Network and Hospitality. This programme includes a matchmaking tool, field trip in Shanghai and How to do business seminars.

Could you give us some participation results of the last edition?

Intertraffic China is held every year, but it’s only in Shanghai every other year.  In 2015 in Shanghai, over 4,500 visitors from 49 different countries came to the trade fair. Then, we had about 200 exhibitors which are the same number of companies we expect to have to exhibit this year. Most of these exhibiting companies are located in China which makes it a great event for international visitors wanting to make valuable contacts in China.