The HookahFair meets VaporFair, the ideal collaboration for all players from the branches of water pipes, E-Cigarettes, Tobacco, Tobacco substitutes, Liquids, Charcoal and all related products. If you want to know more about this event, keep reading our interview.

What do you think the secret of success for Hookah Fair is?

The advantages of the HookahFair is surely the professionalism it has brought to the industry. With its own platform for the branch, it provides structure, a date, a location, where companies can present their products to their specific target group but also see what competitors are doing. This leads to always wanting to optimize own products to really stick out and so the quality of products rises. This is why visitors appreciate the expo, as much as exhibitors. No longer have companies have to visit general tobacco expos. The industry grew a lot the past years and with it did the HookahFair. 


What news can we look forward to this year?

The hookah industry is growing constantly. There are always new tobacco flavors coming up, which are also presented at the HookahFair. But of course, new hookahs and charcoal with the latest technologies are also to be expected. 


Hookah Fair is the world’s most famous expo for hookah products. What kind of products are we talking about?

The HookahFair covers up all products that are related to hookahs, such as tobacco, hookahs, charcoal, but also accessoires like mouthpieces etc.

 How to apply to exhibit or attend?

We have a form on our website . By filling and submitting the form with required information such as, booth size, we receive the request and get in touch with the companies asap. We assist them with the stand positions and with everything else that is needed for a successful performance at the HookahFair. 

What has the past attendance looked like?

This year’s HookahFair in Frankfurt a.M. counted 22 000 visitors and more than 200 companies. The demand for the expo was so huge, that we also organized the HookahFair in Berlin in October. 
Since the HookahFair is also highly requested internationally, it will be taking place in New York in December.