Gebäude.Energie.Technik (GETEC) 2024

Messe Freiburg , Neuer Messplatz 1
Freiburg (DE)

Gebäude.Energie.Technik (GETEC): the trade show

More themes, more variety, more information - this is 2015, the Gebäude.Energie.Technik ( GETEC ) - the leading trade fair for Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Sustainability in the southwest. Residential and commercial building owners, property owners, developers and architects, designers, skilled craftsmen and energy consultants will find three days Everything for the energy-efficient modernization, renovation and construction, and renewable energy.

Advanced is the exhibition range from 2015 to the topics bath / sanitation modernization, kitchen / household appliances and interior design. Similarly, the issues of the future energy storage and electric mobility are tightly integrated. GETEC thus combining the advantages of a traditional public exhibition for builders / renovators and a trade fair.

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