Expoferretera 2024

Centro Costa Salguero , Avenida Sarmiento 2704

Expoferretera: the trade show

The professionals of the Argentinian hardware industry have a meeting, every two years, at Expoferretera.

At this event, you will find the latest products in hardware, machinery, tolls, paints, ironwork, locks, and materials for construction or sanitary. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to establish new business opportunities with international professionals of the sector.

Expoferretera editions

Expoferretera 2024 From to La Rural Convention & Exhibition Center
Expoferretera 2023 From to La Rural Convention & Exhibition Center
Expoferretera 2021 From to Centro Costa Salguero
Expoferretera 2019 From to Costa Salguero Exhibition Center

Being held every two years, there is plenty of space for you to set up your stand at Expoferretera Argentina

ExpoFerretera comes every two year and stands for everything in the hardware department. From plumbing parts, paint and construction materials, there are very rare opportunities that the whole department can take advantage of. If you want business done right, for both domestic and international customers, you've got to come to this trade show.

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There are thousands key players in an international level that always come to this show. Over 150 countries are being represented, allowing all potential buyers in the industry to be attracted by the quality of Argentine products.

At this one-of-a-kind expo, you are able to see a wide range of academic activities too. Such as seminars, conferences and workshops. And even be able to train with the latest technology and services that are set to see in the main part of the show.

Let this international exhibition of equipment, paint and building fair trade and more surprise you. It will open your doors to unique opportunities for the entire hardware industry. As you are able to know the latest trends, products and devices to better your hardware services. Check out this wonderful experience for you and get in touch with us today!