Italy is the place to be for EMO. Exposing metal forming and metal cutting machine tools, machines for welding, for thermal and surface treatments, robots, mechatronics, additive manufacturing technologies, automation hardware and software, assembling, tools, parts, components, accessories, metrology, quality control, systems for safety and environmental protection.

Emo Milano Booth

Promoted by CECIMO, European Association of the Machine Tool Industries, it runs every two years in Hannover and Milan alternatively. Speaking and exposing machines to build the future, presenting cutting-edge solutions that gives the possibility of achieving things we have imagined and thousands of technologies on which the improvement of quality of life depends on.

The spotlight will be on the wide offer of machine tools available, capable of attracting users from all the main sectors that use metal working systems. Being an all time leading exhibition trade show of the sector, EMO has become a point of reference for the operators of the manufacturing sector. Anyone who is anyone is welcomed to come to this event as it is like no other. It is capable of promoting the best kind of demand and supply and offer manufacturing systems, irrespective of sector trends and reaching higher results within each edition.

Keeping its top position compared to the other international exhibitions, EMO Milano is the right place for you if you are involved in this sector. Being like no other, be sure to book a stand and get in touch with us. We love to help you out in selecting the best stand designer and builder for you. As we know the best ones in the area and all this free of cost. Enjoy the show!