All about flooring with this event called Domotex Hannover. In this event, you can talk to key business partners and go into new markets. It is up to you to discover and be able to expand your international audience with products and services that you provide.

With DOMOTEX's help, it will open your ground to success. When you're there viewing up front as the the top decision makers worldwide come up with new ideas, products and lines to organize their new year ahead, you will be more than thrilled to have been there in such outstanding moments in the floor market.

Domotex Hannover Exhibition Design

More than half of the Fair's visitors and exhibitors come from abroad, its doors are open to every point around the world and covers a great amount of professionals. This fair is four days long and covers all sorts of expositions, innovations and experience personal oriented in various sectors, as in retail, skilled flooring, architecture and interior design.

It brings over 400 journalists from 35 countries, articles and clips in over 320 websites and more than 113,000 views on social media platforms. Contact us for further information about stand builders, contractors and designers. Join us with this unique event today!