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Ambiente: the trade show

Ambiente is the world’s leading international trade fair for products for the table, kitchen and household, gift articles, jewellery, wellness and fashion requisites, as well as decorative products, interior design concepts and furnishing accessories.

Ambiente is ‘The Show’ for the entire sector and, thanks to its unique horizontal and vertical range of products, unrivalled worldwide. The world’s leading consumer-goods fair is also distinguished by a wide variety of events, promotional programmes for young people, trend presentations and awards ceremonies.

Ambiente is one of the biggest and most international consumer goods platform. The event brings together over 4500 exhibitors from all over the world to showcase their latest range of products on kitchen and household, gifts, home decor and furniture. 

Ambiente is also a platform to spotlight design, sustainability and creativity, with trend shows, design presentations, exhibitions and awards ceremonies.

Ambiente editions

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Ambiente meet the main multisectors: Dining, Giving and Living.

We are pleased to present an interview with Nicolette Naumann, Vice President of Ambiente. This fair focused on the decorating industry that will take place in Frankfurt from February 8 to 12, 2019.

The fair presents a B2B Networking Platform. Could you explain about it?

Ambiente is the event of the year for the consumer goods market, acting as a barometer of the latest trends as well as an order and design platform. Retailers from the entire world come to Frankfurt to meet the consolidated expertise and product range of the global consumer goods industry. Exhibitors from around 90 countries will be setting trends for 2019 and beyond.

What are the latest trends in the decor Industry?

The trend bureau bora.herke.palmisano has researched the styles that will reflect current design trends for 2019, and will be showcasing those styles at Ambiente. They have selected three thematic trends: Tasteful Residence, Quiet Surroundings and Joy Filled Ambience.

Tasteful Residence is a trend which stands for perfect craftsmanship and which creates a comfortable yet sophisticated atmosphere using specially chosen showpieces and unique items.

The preferred materials will be hardwood, leather and Bouclé, in addition to velvet, velours and porcelain. Other special highlights will be coloured glass and polished surfaces. Quiet Surroundings represents, however, plain products that are close to natural, soft colours and respect for the original material create a natural environment that is ideal for anyone longing for a stress-free daily life that is full of peace and tranquility. Moreover, natural materials such as wool, silk, hemp, wood, stone, clay and ceramics are combined.

There is joy in experimenting and in applying traditional craft techniques. Recycling often plays a role, too. Lastly, Joy-Filled Ambience is a happy, colourful trend world with bold combinations of colours and the charm of randomness: Diverse materials, an eccentric mix of patterns. This refreshingly unexpected style is dominated by botanical themes, geometric and oversized décor as well as vintage prints, to name but a few.

What news have you prepared for the 2019 edition? What are the highlights?

Hall 12 is Messe Frankfurt’s answer to the challenges of the future. It encapsulates the need for something new, sustainable and vital in today’s world – something that will pave the way for tomorrow. The Ambiente team has therefore used the opening of Hall 12 as an opportunity to rethink the structures of its Living/Giving area. The new structure will provide fresh stimuli among national and international buyers, create opportunities and synergies and strengthen growing product segments.

Buyers looking for original product ideas will enjoy the Talents and Next areas, which feature contemporary designs and creations by young and unknown designers. The designer and curator Sebastian Bergne will demonstrate creative solutions from Ambiente exhibitors, with the focus on dining, cooking and houseware in the Foyer of Hall 4.0. Furthermore, Ambiente 2019 will host numerous prestigious award ceremonies, such as the German Design Award, the Kitchen Innovation Award and the Plagiarius anti-award for product piracy. After the great success of the first Tableware International Awards of Excellence last year, this award is again given for tableware that is functional, beautiful or original and tells a story. The winners will be announced during Ambiente. For the first time, the newly created award Dineus honors outstanding products and projects from the entire spectrum of tableware on the Monday of the fair. Following in the footsteps of Denmark, France, Japan, the USA, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands, the forthcoming Ambiente partner country will be the Republic of India. The presentation of the partner country will cover a wide range of products by traditional crafts and artisans. Make sure not to miss it in Galleria 1.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at Ambiente 2019?

Very simply put – here in Frankfurt the worldmarket comes together to meet and to make business. That is also one of the biggest differences from other trade fairs: the strongly international nature of Ambiente, on both its exhibitors’ and visitors’ side. Another advantage of Ambiente is clearly that the fair is held in the heart of Europe and is ideal to get to. As a classical multi sector fair, it is divided into three product areas: Dining, Giving and Living. In this way, along with their core ranges, buyers can also register trends and incentives from related product ranges. This makes Ambiente so particular and a world-wide “must” for all those working in the industry.

Can you give us some tips to take the best out of visiting this event?

It’s almost impossible for anyone to visit the entire trade fair – and, in fact, no one is expected to do so. With around 4,500 exhibitors participating at Ambiente, visitors from all over the world are guaranteed to find an international range of consumer goods. With so much choice, locating an individual product can be a challenge, so the fair offers a range of navigational tools to help visitors find specific products quickly. The Ethical Style Guide lists manufacturers which produce in accordance with sustainability and fair-trade principles. The Contract Business Guide helps visitors working in the contract busines and HoReCa sector to find the right as well as experienced partners.

And the special presentation “Solutions” speeds up the process of seeking out innovative kitchen and household appliances. Furthermore, we suggest downloading our App “Navigator Ambiente”, which is the perfect orientation guide at the fair. Navigate over the fairgrounds, through the exhibitor and product search or receive inspiration through news and twitter messages.

How to apply to exhibit or attend?

In the first place it is important for an exhibitor to have a professional presentation of his business. In this context, effective onsite and online marketing is essential to each and every exhibitor in order to safeguard the successful participation. Generating attention for the own company and attracting visitors at Ambiente in the A and O of trade fair marketing.

In this way, exhibitors can convey their messages directly and reach their target audience at the Frankfurt exhibition grounds and at our online formats. Messe Frankfurt offers a large range of services to support its exhibitors, be it logistics, stand construction, marketing and catering, which help to secure the best possible performance of our exhibitors at Ambiente.

Lastly, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

Ambiente 2018 featured 4,441 exhibitors from 89 countries and attracted 134,600 trade visitors from 168 countries, presenting classic and innovative products over five days. 81 per cent of all exhibitors and 59 per cent of our visitors came from outside Germany, making Ambiente 2018 the most international consumer goods trade fair of all times.

Ambiente: start 2018 with the perfect combination between business and creativity

Ambiente the ultimate platform with the latest trends in world consumer goods, featuring industry experts and famous designers. The perfect opportunity to place your orders, look for partners in the HoReCa sector (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering ) and much more. to be held on February (9-13) at Frankfurt am Main, don't miss our interview with Nicolette Naumann, Vice President of Ambiente.  

What does Ambiente contribute to the craft and design sector? 

 Generally speaking, Ambiente is primarily the platform for the worldwide consumer goods market. Retailers from the entire world come to Frankfurt to meet the consolidated expertise and product range of the global consumer goods industry. Being a traditional multi-sector trade fair, it is divided into three product groups: Dining, Giving and Living. In addition to their own product ranges, buyers can thus also receive stimuli from trends in related ranges. This is what makes it so special and a worldwide MUST for everyone in the industry. However, Ambiente excels not only in its internationalism. It also covers the entire spectrum, with all its price categories, ranging from award-winning designer products, through good-quality trendy products to containerware.

 Why Ambiente, and what are its benefits for Frankfurt? 

 First of all, Ambiente is always held at the beginning of the year. Many of our 4,500 exhibitors from around 100 countries realise up to 50 per cent of their annual revenue through this event. This makes Ambiente and its dates extremely important for the entire industry, for Messe Frankfurt and for the city of Frankfurt. The trade fair is a first-class economic engine for Frankfurt, as both its exhibitors and over 140,000 visitors are potential customers for companies based in Frankfurt, benefiting, for instance, the hotel trade, restaurants, taxis and logistics.

 Could you say a bit more about the Ambiente Academy? 

 One very special highlight is our Ambiente Academy, which we launched in 2017. It provides insights into current market developments on each of the five days. Experts show how to compile attractive product ranges, they present optimal product placements, and they also explain the best e-commerce strategies – all of this on the presentation platform in Hall 9.2 and, as a new venue, the platform in Hall 11.1. For the first time the area in Hall 11.1 will also feature talks on how to present trends. The presentation of merchandise itself will continue to be held in Galleria 1. At the same time, the forthcoming Ambiente Academy will showcase the latest highlights in fashion, jewellery and accessories twice a day on the platform of Hall 9.2.

What new features have you prepared for the 2018 edition? 

Ambiente presents the latest products, discovers innovations and detects and creates trends. One brand-new element will be a special presentation entitled “From Point of Sale to Point of Experience”. This exhibition will enable visitors to experience the “customer journey” of the future. It will show how retailers can successfully maintain a competitive edge over internet-based companies by adopting a multi-channel approach and making the most of it.

Furthermore, from 2018, visitors and exhibitors will for the first time benefit from a digital Business Matchmaking Programme – and, in fact, before the event has even started. Manufacturers and retailers can save specific search parameters to the web portal, whereupon the programme brings the relevant parties together. In addition, the Matchmaking Team provides support with questions and problems. However, the Matchmaking Programme is not the only way for retailers to find the best exhibitors. In addition to design-focused home and dining accessories, Ambiente will also offer a large number of exciting further product ranges where visitors can obtain inspiration on current trends.

The trade fair has a multifaceted programme of talks, fashion shows, and special events. Which of the activities do you think are a must for the visitor, and which of them would you highlight?

With shows such as Ambiente Trends, Talents and Solutions, Ambiente is a platform that offers genuine inspiration to retailers throughout the world. Visitors will find numerous smart ideas at a special presentation called Solutions. The designer and curator Sebastian Bergne will demonstrate creative solutions of Ambiente exhibitors with the focus on dining, cooking and household goods. Selected products with special key features will be shown in a number of short video clips. The partner country of Ambiente 2018 will be the Netherlands. Running under the title DO DUTCH, a comprehensive presentation in Galleria 1 will showcase products of Dutch exhibitors. The exhibition will be curated by the Amsterdam-based designer Robert Bronwasser. 

The trend show in Galleria 1 will attract a large audience. Our trend experts have been selecting products from Ambiente exhibitors for each of the thematic worlds, so that tomorrow’s trends can be directly experienced through tangible examples. Retailers will have opportunities to find out about colours and to discover what kind of materials are meeting current trends. They can also place orders for specific products directly with the relevant exhibitors. This year’s focus will be on everyday objects, handmade items, sustainable and viable products, and it will be specifically illustrated through four stylistic directions – Modest Regeneration, Colourful Intentions, Technological Emotions and Opulent Narrations. Creative influences will range from a plain cottage style to hints of Baroque opulence.

Visitors definitely shouldn’t miss our Talents areas. Messe Frankfurt has supported young designers for quite a while now, since 2001, helping them on their way towards successful careers. Talents will feature creative products in the Loft area in Hall 11.0 and in the Fashion Accessories area in Hall 9.2. Further innovative and design-focused projects will be presented by Talents in the area of Dining and Contemporary Design in Hall 4.0, showing how good ideas can be turned into successful products – which is very much our intention. What’s so special about Talents is that it is located directly in the design-focused premium environment of each product range.

Give us some reasons why we mustn’t miss the show.

First of all, Ambiente gives visitors an overview of the global market. Being the biggest trade fair in the world, the Show is held in the heart of Europe and is ideal to get to. Given its size, the content of each hall needs to be defined very clearly, of course. After all, it’s almost impossible for anyone to visit the entire trade fair – and, in fact, no one is expecting to do so. On the contrary, we want each trade visitor to know which halls are best for their order placements, which are good for learning about additional product ranges and where they can receive inspiration on the latest trends. It’s important that the big areas of Dining, Living and Giving should be clearly structured and that they can be understood straightaway, and it’s equally important that each hall should have a simple and readily intelligible thematic structure. Visitors need to know exactly where they can find high-end brands or contemporary design, or indeed medium volume business or just-in-time production from Europe or where overseas container business is handled. So anyone who wants to be on the world market simply has to be in Frankfurt or come to it.


Meet young designers and the latest trends at Ambiente Frankfurt

Ambiente is an international platform and a good opportunity to find all types of consumer-goods products. What do you think stands out from other similar shows?

Here in Frankfurt, the world market comes to meet. That is also one of the biggest differences from other trade fairs: the strongly international nature of Ambiente, on both its exhibitors’ and visitors’ part.

As a classical multi-sector fair, it is divided into three product areas: Dining, Giving and Living. In this way, along with their core ranges, buyers can also register trends and incentives from related ranges. This makes Ambiente so particular and a worldwide “must” for all those working in the sector.

But Ambiente stands out not just because of its international nature but offers products in all price categories. Exhibitors such as Kare or Cor Mulder show thoroughly trend-setting products in the mid-price segment, which are of very good product quality. 

Covering so many types of products, how do you give the protagonists what each sector deserves?

If like Ambiente, you are the biggest trade fair in the world, the contents of its halls must be clearly defined. Hardly any visitor will manage to visit the entire fair – nor do we require such a thing. On the contrary, we want every visitor to know which hall he should best go to in order to make orders, in which halls he will find information about supplementary ranges, and where he can, in addition, obtain suggestions for the latest trends.

That is why it is important that not only the major sections – Dining, Living and Giving – should be clearly structured and immediately comprehensible, but that within the hall there should also be a clear and simple-to-understand thematic structure. In this way, the visitor knows exactly where he is to find high-end brands or contemporary design, as well as a medium volume business.  

The show is also the perfect place to discover new products and technical innovations. What are the coming trends?

The Trend Show in Galleria 1 is a major draw for the public. Our trend experts select theme worlds for the Ambiente exhibitors and enable them to experience future trends directly by means of concrete examples. Here a retailer has a chance to find out about colours or to discover materials which are in the current trend and then to order them simply in the form of concrete products immediately from the exhibitor.

This year there is a broad spectrum of trends: sophisticated, authentic, imaginative and elegant. In a spectacular presentation, the latest trends are divided into four theme concepts: “Delicate Structures”, “Honest Materials”, “Jumbled Patterns” and “Notable Shapes.” On the one hand, structures which are inspired by nature, and are reflected in a reticent design approach, are important; on the other, the focus is on a conscientious, careful and credible approach to materials, with the aim of producing good and authentic products. Patterns and motifs are combined playfully in a whimsical collection and confusion. As a contrast come clear designs full of character with a formal language which is sculptural, for a classically modern elegance.    

What can you highlight the next fair?

With formats such as Ambiente Trends, Our Talents, the Design Plus Presentation, or Solutions, Ambiente is a real inspiration platform for the retail trade worldwide. Thus, for example, the Design Plus Award is given in recognition of products which skilfully combine aesthetics and utility, showing them at an exhibition during the fair. In 2017 the Award will be focusing on ethical style-products, a genuine trend theme in the industry.

Visitors will find clever ideas in the Solutions Special Presentation. Designer and curator Sebastian Bergne will be showing creative solutions by Ambiente exhibitors focusing on table, kitchen and household. The products so selected will be shown with a particular show-stopper in short video clips. Ambiente’s partner country in 2017 will be the United Kingdom. On a broad stage – the Partner Country Presentation in the Foyer of Hall 4.1, and thus in the heart of Ambiente – products by British exhibitors will be presented. This exhibition will be designed and curated by the British designer Janice Kirkpatrick.

Visitors must on no account miss our Talents Area. Ever since 2001 Messe Frankfurt has been supporting young designers on their way to a successful career. For the first time, the talents will be showing their creations from the “ethical style” segment in Hall 11.0 and in the Fashion Accessories segment in Hall 9.2. The talents will be presenting further innovative and design-oriented projects in the Dining and Contemporary Design Segment in Hall 4.0. In this way, good ideas can be turned into successful products – and that is very close to our heart. The essential feature of it all is that the talents are placed directly in the design-oriented premium area of each product segment.  

The show attracts exhibitors from many consumer-goods segments. Can you give some tips for those exhibiting for the first time, not just at your fair but in Frankfurt?

It is important for an exhibitor to have a professional presentation of his business. But the exhibitors should also be able to export their products. People with whom contact has been made during the fair should be supplied with information in the follow-up period without waiting for them to ask for it.

On the exhibitor side, Messe Frankfurt offers a large range of services to support its exhibitors: from stand construction to furniture rental, catering, cleaning, logistics and personnel, right up to online solutions or help on marketing. Whatever exhibitors need – we are glad to help.   

Do you recommend one activity or workshop in particular?

A quite special highlight will be found in our Hall 9.2: interest in fashion accessories and jewellery as supplementary ranges has greatly increased among specialist retailers. A reason for us to point a particular focus on this area at Ambiente.

  • The new structure, with its many-layered fringe programme, will bring retailers considerable added value. For the first time, all providers in the product groups of Accessories and Jewellery will be brought together exclusively on one hall level. This will ensure that buyers do not have to search far and will create room for networking and sales inspiration. 
  • Practical business tips for retailers will be found in the Talks Programme in Hall 9.2, A90.

On all five fair and exhibition days, the Ambiente Academy will provide insights into current market developments. Here experts will show how attractive ranges are composed, present optimum product placements, or explain the best e-commerce strategies.

What does Ambiente represent the annual calendar of the industry? And for the city of Frankfurt?

  • For a start, Ambiente takes place at the beginning of the year. Here our exhibitors make up to 50 percent of their annual sales revenues. For that reason, Ambiente and its date are very important for the whole industry, Messe Frankfurt and for Frankfurt as a city.
  • As a result of Messe Frankfurt’s events, for example, Germany is impacted by a purchasing power of EUR 3.1 billion, of which Frankfurt accounts for some EUR 1.6 billion alone. So you see that the fair is a major engine for the economy of the City of Frankfurt, and both exhibitors and visitors are customers for the businesses located there. Just think of the hotel industry, the restaurants, taxis, logistics companies etc.
  • Another example is the local retail trade. Certain shops, including those on Berliner Strasse here in Frankfurt, offer international fair visitors services of their own during Ambiente. Some shops are specially set out to run the brands which international buyers are looking for. They then support the buyers right up to tax-free export.

Give us some reasons to don't miss the show

  • For decades Messe Frankfurt has placed great emphasis on international growth.
  • Our exhibitors, which are mostly small and medium-sized businesses, benefit on their part from this approach since as a rule, they do not dispose of international organisation structures.
  • This convinces our exhibitors: we have a return rate of a good 80 percent. But international department-store chains, leading concept stores and online shops also order their collections for the whole coming year at Ambiente. So if you want to join the world market, you simply have to be in Frankfurt.

Lastly and finally, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

4,400 exhibitors from 95 countries

Ambiente Fair diversity in design is ideal for you

Ambiente is the “IT” place to be for the home furnishing market. Starting with the dining world, from table, kitchen and household products, following with a section called giving which is all about the diversity of gifts, making the most of new ideas and finishing on living, which takes you on a journey to the future of your home's decoration.

Ambiente Frankfurt Trends

It has about 4,700 exhibitors from 89 countries that showcase an international wide spread of consumer goods. Just around 144,000 trade visitors evolve in this trendy market view. Design ideas are brought to life as you see it happen right before your eyes. An ideal event to progress in your field with the best professionals around.

Ambiente Frankfurt Design

Cruising into these three sections, you can easily find what you are looking for and see the exhibitors that you need. Being part of this event is ideal and you will find new clients, platforms and contacts in the market world.

Ambiente Frankfurt Exhibition Details

As ideas come together all around, this is success in the making. Discover talents, trends and stars on stage as you participate with your booth. Contact us for more information on this event to help find the best builder, contractor or designer.