World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology 2024

Boston ,
Boston (US)

The edition of has been postponed by the Organizer. As soon as we know the new dates of we will publish them.

World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology: the trade show

World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology was established by members of organizations representing the American, Canadian and European specialists in veterinary dermatology.

There are many concurrent themes which include state-of-the-art lectures and supporting in-depth reviews, display of research in this field as well as open discussion and talk of two extensive programs for continuing education suitable for general practitioners as well as for those with a special interest in dermatology.
Then there are workshops that cover a wide range of topics that usually create informal discussion and include special themes such as feline and equine dermatology, and wet labs usually including otology, cytology and dermatopathology The latter provides one session for practitioners, and one for those more expert in the field. Finally, a series of half-day company symposium is offered by our sponsors, covering a wide range of relevant material.

The themes have been selected for the scientific program:
  • Genetics/Genomics;
  • Skin an an Immune Organ/Allergy;
  • Skin Biology/Living Skin;
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • New Diagnostic Approaches;
  • New Trends in Therapy.

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