WETEC is the largest event for water quality professionals by far, and it is also a highly specialized event for you. Find the right opportunities you need for domestic and international business, join along their peer-to-peer networking sites and be in the presence of more than 22,000 trade professionals.

Weftec Exhibition Stand

Held in Chicago, it is also known for being the largest annual water quality exhibition in the world, thanks to its program, you will gain unparalleled access to the top-notch technologies in the field. Don't miss out on this show. We offer the best and most advanced services from design, production, implementation and decoration of stands and modules for important trade fairs and events, such as this one.

Giving you 23 focus areas of constant education to you focus on your training needs and be supported by the water quality professionals from around the world. Another benefit in participating is that it has shown continual growth for both the technical program and its exhibition. Setting high standards and records, its expectations are maintained high for a continuous successful trade show.