University of Pisa , Lungarno Antonio Pacinotti, 43, 56126 Pisa PI
Pisa (IT)

VERDEPISA: the trade show

VerdePisa is an event dedicated to the protection of nature and the care of greenery and the territory.

The event includes an exhibition itinerary that will develop in the historic city center with the aim of developing, year after year, in adjacent locations of considerable importance.

VerdePisa, therefore, stands as an "open" container to be filled with personal contributions and the result of the interaction between institutions, commercial fabric and cultural associations which will be followed by a program of informative events divided by thematic areas, with the aim of involving and giving impetus to commercial activities and resident citizens who insist in the territory.

VerdePisa presents itself as the showcase of the Pisan territory ideal for the promotion of the horticultural sector and as a place for comparison and deepening of issues related to green and its relationship with the environment.

With the desire to meet the aesthetic and natural needs, as well as revitalize and enhance one of the pedestrian roads of the city and the commercial activities of the historic center, the event will develop along the main artery starting from Corso Italia to Piazza Martiri della Libertà, then in the heart of the City Center. An exhibition dedicated exclusively to the green, the environment, equipment and horticultural products useful for furnishing and managing green areas, finally to complete the path the quality food and wine productions and Km0 for a revival of the "local" agricultural sector, the pride of the territory more strictly local and national.

VerdePisa, designed in different exhibition sections, will present a significant quantity and quality of products: from seeds to large tree specimens, from young plants to cut flowers and edible flowers, on display there will also be equipment, plants, technologies, accessories and supplies of professional products for cultivation, but also news and ideas for green care and gardening,  solutions for energy saving and environmental sustainability, not to forget finally, the sections of the exhibitions of Bonsai, Alimurgia, Entomology, Garden furniture, Food and wine at km 0, Handmade crafts and reminiscent.





Friday 28 May h 15.00 – 20.00

Saturday 29 May h 9.00 – 20.00

Sunday 30 May h 9.00 – 20.00 






Product categories by areas

A: Garden furniture - Garden design - Environment, renewable energy - Associations and bodies of environmental protection.

B:  Garden competition

C:  Orchidaceous exhibitions - Bonsai - Suiseki

D - E:  Potted and cut blooms - Succulents - Hydroculture - Aquatic plants - Nursery garden - Ornamental and fruit plants - Shrubs - Exotic outdoor plants

F:  Institutional - Wellness - Holistic - Environmental protection associations

G:  Food and wine Km 0 - Typical regional products - Hobbyists and "handmade"

H:  Handicrafts - Modern art - Gardening, products and equipment - Horticulture garden - Ornamental and fruit plants - School workshops (Art Institute, vocational schools, associations)

VERDEPISA editions

VERDEPISA 2024 From to University of Pisa
VERDEPISA 2023 From to Pisa