New: Demonstration track of autonomous driving in public transport

Attendees at IT TRANS will be able to experience the AMoTech self driving bus on a demonstration track.

For the first time, a self-driving bus will be available to pick up It Trans attendees from the hall entrance and take them for a short test drive on the exhibition grounds. The electric vehicle is provided by AMoTech GmbH, a 100 percent subsidiary of Trapeze Switzerland GmbH, and is currently also in trial operation on the grounds of its plant in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland.

“Our bus has the capacity to transport 11 people and can drive at speeds of up to 25 km per hour”, says Dominique Müller, Managing Director of AMoTech. The “Trapizio” does not have a steering wheel and can drive and brake independently, although it does still need to have a person on board monitoring its operation.

If the bus encounters unexpected hindrances or pedestrians in its path, it stops automatically. “Thanks to its advanced technology, the bus has a faster reaction time than a human being. And its numerous sensors let our bus navigate even narrow passages”, adds Müller.