Tecnova Piscinas 2022

Ifema Feria de Madrid, Avenida del PartenĂ³n 5
Madrid (ES)

Tecnova Piscinas: the trade show

4 days of intense commercial relations with the pool, wellness and Spas sector

Obtain all the information of the specialized commercial offer existing in the Spanish and international market, under one roof and concentrated in 4 days of work.

Initiate, continue or close purchase and order processes with the entire distribution channel present in TECNOVA-PISCINAS.

Build a network: Register at the Professional Meeting Point and use our Meeting Agenda service with all the exhibitors of the fair.

Schedule meetings with current and potential suppliers.

Visit and strengthen business relationships with current suppliers.

Analyze and directly check the characteristics of the product/ services of possible new suppliers.

Directly compare the characteristics of the entire specialized offer.

Ideal place to check the trends of the sector and consumption.

Search and know news, technologies and services.

TECNOVA-PISCINAS is a key instrument for your company when it comes to projecting a certain image of purchasing power.

Close distribution agreements for products/services.

They offer the necessary information to evaluate the possibilities of a future participation as an exhibitor

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