What are the advantages of exhibiting at Stone Industry in 2018?

As You correctly pointed out we are the only one in Russia and the largest in Eastern Europe specialized exhibition. If you work in this field you have no options for entering this market. To find partners, customers and chat to colleagues from around the globe you need to come and take part.

Can you give us some tips to make the most out of our visit?

Come visit the exhibition, use our B2B platform.

Why Stone Industry Fair has become the biggest in Russia and Eastern Europe international event for the entire natural stone industry?

We are the oldest exhibition industry, we started it back in 1999. But being first is not enough. For two decades, we have painstakingly established links with all international stone community. Joined the Association, made friends with other world exhibitions. Did everything for our clients and visitors. We have plenty of businesses for 19 years connected with us. And this indicates the highest service and respect to each Exhibitor almost as a member of our big family.