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Nuremberg (DE)

Spielwarenmesse: the trade show

Spielwarenmesse (Nuremberg Toy Fair) is the most important international exhibition industry's toys, hobby and leisure.

The conception of competition as a trade fair exclusively for professionals, allows you to create a platform for communication and business ideal for manufacturers and buyers from around the world. The presentation of the latest news and offer an extremely comprehensive set of information is essential to analyze the market and draw the annual business strategy.

Spielwarenmesse editions

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Toys for future at the Spielwarenmesse

What´s new for Spielwarenmesse 2020?

At the Spielwarenmesse 2019, several areas were already restructured in response to the changing market environment. The new product group Electronic Toys quickly became firmly established in its first year. We also successfully merged the product segments Model Railways and Model Construction. Both moves represent significant changes that will continue to cement their position going forward. We’re constantly tracking the market and checking it against our concept so that we can respond to the evolving needs of our target groups, as and when required.

The event presents a multifaceted program with workshops at Spielwarenmesse and special events. Which of the activities do you think are a must for the visitor or which of them do you highlight?

With more than a million products on show, there’s plenty to be discovered at the Spielwarenmesse. Each segment has its own special features. Hall 3A, for example, is all about on-trend products, new ideas, innovative exhibitors and knowledge transfer. This is where trade visitors can experience the latest Spielwarenmesse trends “Toys for Future”, “Digital goes Physical” and “Be You!” which are presented together with related products. The New Exhibitor Center and the “Innovation made in Germany” pavilion reflect the innovative strength of ambitious and aspiring enterprises. Experts at the daily Toy Business Forum shed light on topics currently affecting the industry. Hall 4A is under the banner of the latest toy innovations, hosting the product group Electronic Toys and the Tech2Play activity area, both of which attract large crowds.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at Spielwarenmesse?

The Spielwarenmesse is THE central hub of the toy world. It’s the world’s leading fair and therefore the most important event of the year for meeting key decision-makers. Exhibitors are given the unique opportunity to make a statement in the marketplace by presenting their products to the entire industry as well as their competitors. Not only do they benefit from appearing in a perfect exhibition environment, but they also profit from the international composition of the trade visitors and their decision-making powers. 32,000 of the 70,000 visitors and buyers only ever go to this one event. We provide valuable support through our extensive range of services, transforming the fair into an efficient sales and ordering tool.

What is the exhibitor profile?

Given that the whole toy world flocks to Nuremberg, the composition of the exhibitors is extremely international. For anyone wanting to experience the ‘spirit of play’, attending the Spielwarenmesse is an absolute must. For 31 percent of our exhibitors, the Spielwarenmesse is the only event they show at in the year. The mix of market leaders and start-ups results in a uniquely diverse selection of products, providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of the market. This, in turn, underlines the status of the world’s leading toy fair as an important networking and market platform.

What is the visitor profile? Can anybody attend Spielwarenmesse 2020? How to register?

Every year, we welcome the Spielwarenmesse thousands of trade visitors from more than 130 countries and from all relevant target groups. They include buyers from the retail and wholesale trade as well as decision-makers from trading companies. The core target group comprises buyers from the specialist and independent trade. The Spielwarenmesse is a trade-only fair, which means that only trade visitors are allowed to attend. This includes anyone over 16 years of age who has a commercial interest in toys or other product groups represented at the fair. Visitors can qualify, register and buy their tickets online on the web page.

Can you give us some participation results from the last edition? How many visitors and exhibitors attend? From how many different nationalities were present?

In 2019, the Spielwarenmesse celebrated its 70th anniversary, once again underscoring its unique standing on the global toy market among both exhibitors and visitors. 2,886 companies from 68 countries presented their products to 68,500 trade visitors and buyers from 131 nations.

All that you need to know about the toys world at Spielwarenmesse 2019

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing  Ernst Kick, CEO Spielwarenmesse eG. The exhibition will take place from January 30th to 3d of February 2019 in Nuremberg.

What are the latest trends in the toy market and will they be featured at the fair?

The Spielwarenmesse showcases trends and innovations like no other event in our industry. Every year, there are no fewer than 120,000 innovations just waiting to be discovered. Buyers searching for the latest trends are given helpful guidance at the TrendGallery, which fills an area of around 1,000m². The three main trends, identified by our international TrendCommittee, are exemplified here by corresponding products. Also featured at the TrendGallery are the nominees and winners of the ToyAwards, which are presented in five categories: Baby&Infant (0-3 years), PreSchool (3-6 years), SchoolKids (6-10 years) and Teenager&Adults (from 10 years). The Start-Up category is being featured for the first time and targets companies that have been going for five years or less.


Do you have any new ideas in store for the 2019 edition? What are the main highlights?

Perfectly timed to coincide with the 70th-anniversary edition of the Spielwarenmesse, we are introducing some innovative ideas in response to dynamic market changes. The product group Electronic Toys, for example, is celebrating its debut in Hall 4A and encompasses RC toys, robots, electronic educational toys and virtual play. The biggest move is taking place in Hall 7A and will see the Model Railway and Model Construction segments merge. Ground-breaking changes are also afoot in the product group Festive Articles, Carnival, Fireworks in Hall 9. This segment is going to be extended into part of Hall 8 and is being given greater appeal by the approximately 200m² ShowTime activity area.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at Spielwarenmesse 2019?

All the important exhibitors from Germany and abroad are represented at the Spielwarenmesse. In fact, 31 per cent of exhibitors only appears in Nuremberg and at no other trade fair. The Spielwarenmesse gives companies the opportunity to present their own brand worlds to a “live” audience. They meet the most important contacts in global trade here and they can forge new business contacts and strengthen old ones. Taking part in the fair has a huge part to play in building up their export business and tapping into new markets.

Can you give us some tips on how to make the most of visiting this event?

At an event of this scale, filling an area of 170,000m², retailers and buyers can expect to be greeted with a huge selection of manufacturers, new ideas and innovations, as well as an extensive supporting programme which they will find valuable for their business. Attendees can prepare their visit to the fair easily and conveniently on our website and on the Spielwarenmesse app. The halls are well laid out and structured into product groups, enabling visitors to navigate the fair in a targeted manner. I would also warmly recommend our activity areas and special shows: Tech2Play for electronic toys, Baby and Infant Articles and Toys meet Books for attractive add-on ranges. Trade visitors can refresh their industry knowledge at the Toy Business Forum where international speakers will be holding presentations on relevant and different topics every day in Hall 3A.

Finally, could you give us some figures from the last Spielwarenmesse?

At the Spielwarenmesse 2018, we set a new record of 2,902 exhibiting companies from 86 countries. The innovative ingenuity of their products attracted 70,348 trade visitors, also from a record number of 129 nations. Having said that, quality is more important to us than quantity. This also holds true for our 70th-anniversary edition when our focus will be very much on the future. To mark this special occasion, we are inviting all participants to the ToyFestival, a special highlight on a Thursday night. This casual get-together in the new Hall 3C will feature live music and plenty of food and drink.

We're talking with Ernst Kick, CEO of Spielwarenmesse

Apart from Christmas season or birthdays, in general toys are an important element in children's development, because they are an effective way to impart knowledge whilst stimulating body and mind. To promote the products and innovations in this industry, we have very different and important trade shows, and one of them it's Spielwarenmesse, in Nuremberg. This event has all the components to bring opportunities and a general vision of the industry to all visitors: start-ups, media representatives, innovations..so if you're an agent of the production chain..you should attend!

To tell you all the novelties of the next edition of Spielwarenmesse, we're talking with Ernst Kick, CEO of the fair.

Spielwarenmesse is an international platform for the toy industry, but what makes it different from other similar events?

As the world’s leading fair in its field, the Spielwarenmesse represents the biggest and most important business hub for the international industry every year. We offer a true reflection of the global market. You’ll find all the important companies and brands at our fair. Divided into twelve different product segments, the exhibitors present around one million products in an exhibition centre that is always fully booked. It’s worth mentioning that 28.7 percent of companies at the Spielwarenmesse only ever exhibit here in Nuremberg and nowhere else.

We are in a technological era with a very different generation. What are the tendencies of the industry? What type of toys is triumphing?

Technological toys are increasingly moving into children’s playrooms. We’re responding to market developments and adapting to this new demand. This is why we’re staging our first Tech2Play promotion area at the Spielwarenmesse 2017. It’s designed as a hub for visitors interested in technological toys. The 400m² promotion area is located in Hall 4A and is devoted to a field that will shape the market in years to come. The area is divided into five categories: "Electronic Pets", "Robot Toys", "RC Drones", "Virtual Play" and "3D Printing". Visitors can see the products in action and try them out themselves on the Robot Racing Track and in the Multicopter Cage.

The show is also the perfect place to discover new products and innovative technicals. What are the coming trends?

The Spielwarenmesse showcases over 75,000 new products. Trends are a great way of providing retailers and buyers with valuable guidance. With the help of our international TrendCommittee, we watch the toy market very carefully, identifying trends as they emerge around the globe. For 2017, three trends are taking centre stage: “Body and Mind”, “Girl Power” and “Swap & Collect”. “Body and Mind” revolves around products that promote the physical and mental well-being of children through play, creating a healthy counterbalance to the stresses of everyday life through fitness and physical activity. “Girl Power” embraces toys that encourage girls to indulge in and develop their diverse interests. “Swap & Collect”, on the other hand, marks the return of the collecting craze among young and old. The TrendGallery in Hall 3A of the Spielwarenmesse makes the trends more tangible and provides an insight into the kind of products reflected in them.

Do you have an area dedicated to educational toys or anything dedicated to children with special needs?

Located across three halls, “Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys”, which is incidentally the biggest product group at the Spielwarenmesse, spotlights educational toys along with a huge selection of toys with educational elements. The “Games, Books, Learning and Experimenting, Multimedia” segment in Hall 10 also features toys for children with special needs.

What can you highlight in the next edition? What will the novelties be? Do you have any star products or brands?

The Spielwarenmesse is always the main highlight of the year for the industry as a whole. The licensing theme, for example, has been cast a leading role this year. Licensed toys generate retail sales all year round. Companies of all sizes will be presenting fast-selling licensed products across all twelve product groups. The product portfolio includes everything from school supplies and products for babies and infants to party articles. The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association, or LIMA for short, is putting in its first official appearance at the Spielwarenmesse in 2017. The Tech2Play promotion area is another highlight devoted exclusively to technological toys.

Can you provide some tips for those exhibiting for the first time, not just at your fair but also in Nuremberg? (customs, business etiquette, venue, rules...)

We want our “Spirit of Play” to be felt all over the city. This is why Nuremberg is transformed into the ToyCity for the duration of the Spielwarenmesse, featuring a whole host of promotions and activities for the locals, as well as exhibitors and visitors. There’s a guided tour that reveals the city’s long connection with the world of toys. When in Nuremberg, it’s also worth visiting St. Lorenz Church. And if you’re wanting to bring a long day at the fair to a relaxing end, you can enjoy the Spielwarenmesse ToyCocktail at one of several selected bars in Nuremberg.

In your opinion, does the design of the stands influence sales levels and footfall?

In terms of both content and outward appearance, the Spielwarenmesse is a real eye-catcher. This is partly due to the stunning stand designs of many of our exhibitors which, in turn, provide our visitors with inspiration for their own stores. They can immediately see how to position and present the products in their own shops.

Can you recommend a particular activity or workshop?

Visitors to the Spielwarenmesse receive the inspiration and ideas they need for the everyday running of their businesses. Hall 3A features several special shows that are well worth a visit. The Toy Business Forum features presentations on a different topic every day, specifically targeting the needs of retailers. The TrendGallery shines the spotlight on the kind of products reflected in the three main trends along with the nominees and winners of the ToyAwards. The New Exhibitor Center in Hall 3A represents a treasure trove of exciting companies from different countries, exhibiting at the Spielwarenmesse for the first time and contributing a plethora of new ideas. Creative products are in abundance at the adjacent pavilion for young innovative companies – all German start-ups whose appearance at the fair is sponsored with state funding.

Give us some reasons not to miss the show.

  • The Spielwarenmesse represents the biggest and most important event for the international toy industry right at the beginning of the year.
  • Is the best place to gain a comprehensive and in-depth insight into the global market at a single venue.
  • Buyers can experience the toys for themselves and it is also an essential networking platform.
  • The national pavilions, the total of which has grown to 14, give visitors access to new markets.
  • Hall 3A provides an abundance of information on trends, knowledge and know-how. And the other halls are also brimming with fascinating exhibitors, showcasing their latest products.

Lastly, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

The Spielwarenmesse 2016 was characterised by high levels of satisfaction across the board. It achieved top ratings in all areas.

  • 2,851 exhibitors from 66 countries
  • 70,714 trade buyers from 125 countries.

Our offering received better reviews than ever before. The visitors were particularly impressed by the sheer variety of innovative products. These results fill us with pride and confirm that we’re on track. They’re a great incentive for us to continue working hard. We’re very much looking forward to delivering another successful event in 2017.

Exhibit at Spielwarenmesse, the Nuremeberg Toy Fair

Spielwarenmesse is toy paradise. It is the international fair where toy markets come together. Re owned brands, start ups, large chain investors and independent retailers all form part of this event. There are over 2,700 exhibitors from over 60 countries. And even an impressive 860 exhibitors do not present at any other fair.


As 75,000 visitors fill up the fairground, they can find divided areas that cover all the manufacturers needs. Areas like toy testing and toy safety are new to the show this upcoming year. This event is the only venue that offers a unique collection of toys and extensive amount of products in the toy industry.

Nuremberg Toy Fair Exhibition

Benefits include expanding your brand, reaching out to an international audience, getting to know fellow colleagues and finding out about the latest in the toy industry by the top business-makers. There are more than a handful of reasons why to participate in this amazing fair. Spielwarenmesses is a professional toy fair, where only main trade visitors are permitted. Proof of trade visitor status is necessary.

Nuremberg Toy Fair

Over 1 million products, having your stand here will help you to expand your business. Talk to us about your needs, let our specialists know what type of design you want. Set up your stand with us today as we find the best companies in Nuremberg just for you.

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