Smart Building Levante 2024

Fiera del Levante , Lungomare Starita 4
Bari (IT)

Smart Building Levante: the trade show

ESmart Building Levante announces itself as the plant innovation fair, an event conceived by industry experts and aimed at operators of the smart building supply chain that offers digital products, systems and services with a particular attention to highly potential merchandise that can drive the consumer and business market.

The exhibition sectors

The particular objective is therefore to give maximum evidence to the different design and technological approaches necessary in these latitudes, given the consideration that almost all standards in this field originate in regions with the climate Cold.

Home and building automation are an integral part of a holistic approach to energy efficiency. These issues are urgently needed when the European Directive comes into force, which requires from 31 December 2020 that all new buildings be designed nZEB (Near Zero Emission Building). Smart Buiding Levante will therefore be a moment of deep reflection on how this goal should be declined in regions that more than fight the cold, fight and will fight more and more the battle against the heat.

The 2020 event in Bari, moreover, aims to be in the tradition of the levant city, to serve as an international hub, to broaden the reflection on what is happening on the other side of the sea, aiming to involve operators and experiences from other countries that share the problems of the south of Italy

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