Sirha, in Lyon, is one of the top trade fairs for the food service and hospitality industry. 20,000 chefs from around the world adding to 3,000 exhibitors make this event essential to go to. You can help expand your brand as you talk to the best professionals around.

Exhibition Booth Design At Sirha Lyon

It is the best place to make your products stand out. Showcase here and be part of this great business opportunity. Taste the different worldwide flavors, be the first to find out the latest trends and make your brand grow. Book a stand today and contact us. We will help you choose the best stand designers and builders.

Sirha Lyon

Chefs, hotel and food-market managers, bar owners, bakers, and everyone involved in the food and service industry are welcome to come. Stands at Sirha are exquisite and classy. It brings the best of the two worlds, food and design. As you look around this huge fairground, you get to experience the best products as well as see modern stands.


Don't miss out the chance to exchange ideas with the best chefs and professionals in the food and hospitality service. Book your stand and contact us today. With our help you will choose the best stand designers and builders in Lyon, France.