SibFlowers 2015

Novosibirsk Expo Centre, Stantsionnaya Street , 104
Novosibirsk (RU)

SibFlowers: the trade show

Sibflowers is one of the most beautiful exhibitions in the Siberian region and the unique event for the industry professionals.

Year by year specialists in floristry, landscape design and art take part in the exhibition. Their stands represent a rich selection of fresh-cut flowers, potted plants and ornamentals, seeds, seedlings and saplings, equipment and materials.

Various seminars and workshops are conducted during the exhibition, alongside with the Open Championship of Siberia for Professional Floristry, where the winner gets the right to represent the region at the all-Russian Championship.

Traditionally the Novosibirsk Mayor’s office conducts the review competition during the show for the best-looking landscape solution for parks, gardens and city squares.

SibFlowers editions

SibFlowers 2015 From to Novosibirsk Expo Centre
SibFlowers 2014 From to Novosibirsk Expo Centre
SibFlowers 2013 From to Novosibirsk Expo Centre
SibFlowers 2012 From to Novosibirsk Expo Centre