SIAL Paris 2024

Paris Nord - Villepinte , 82 Avenue des Nations
Paris (FR)

SIAL Paris: the trade show

SIAL develops fairs in high-potential markets. The concept is to bring together international supply and continental or regional demand. SIAL is the Global Food Marketplace and constitutes an international showcase representative of all the market´s sectors.

October 2014 Edition:

From October 19 to October 23, 2014 it will be held SIAL in Paris Nord Villepinte, France. This is the largest food innovation observatory in all the world. This event is dedicated and focused in the agri-food industry, institutional and commercial catering, and food retail. It is an event shouldn’t be miss for anyone in the industry professionals.This event has regularly more than 6,000 exhibitors from all around the world and all the attendees can enjoy of the food innovations. You can have the chance to taste delicious food products and to make business with other people who is in this field, in few words, you can find new partnerships and future customers. SIAL Paris sector activities are represented in the following way:

  • Grocery products.
  •  Fresh produce and dry goods.
  •  Frozen foods.
  •  Semi-processed food products and ingredients.
  •  Seafood products.
  •  Organic foods.
  •  Meats, and dairy products.
There is as well wine exhibitors, producers, merchants, who likes to explore the wide variety of wines and more. This event is organized in partnership with 29 world trade magazines specialized in agrifood.  The last edition of SIAL were 150,258 visitors from more than 200 countries. There were 5,890 exhibitors, 19 SIAL Innovation Awards, and the most interesting 250 highlights conferences and debates.In SIAL you will have the opportunity to see the most amazing and the biggest food exhibition, you will find 19 exhibition sectors and more than 5,838 French and international exhibitors. In 2010, 70% of visitors discovered new products. So this is your chance to have the experience of your life, save the date and don’t miss at all this great opportunity that only you can enjoy once every two years.

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