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Productronica China: the trade show

Productronica China is the international trade fair for electronics development and production. Productronica China showcases the entire value chain in electronics production in all industrial sectors. The fair has been one of the most important events in Asia

Productronica China editions

Productronica China 2024 From to SNIEC - Shanghai New International Expo Center
Productronica China 2023 From to SNIEC - Shanghai New International Expo Center
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Improve your business profit and contacts at Productronica China 2017

Productronica China is an international platform dedicated to electronic products from all sectors. As one of the most important events in Asia, the expectation for the next edition, to be held on March, is raising. So we've been talking with the organizers to discover all the details and novelties...

What do you think that stands out from other similar shows?

Productronica China is now one of the leading platforms for innovative electronics manufacturing.

  • Gathering of the electronics industry in China: Productronica China takes place in conjunction with electronica China at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. It covers the electronics industry's entire value chain.
  • Innovation forums and conferences: Tailor-made with regard to specific topics that drive the industry, Productronica China always underscores its close link to new developments. Leading national and international experts share the latest know-how.
  • Attractive synergies for visitors: Being co-located with electronica China ( creates attractive synergies and added value for visitors. It gives them an opportunity to gain insights into the latest technologies and applications in all electronics sectors.

The show is also the perfect place to discover new products and innovations. What are the coming trends? There's any technique who's changing the companies?

An interpretation of Industry 4.0 centres around innovations
Responding to the technological innovation trend and drawing inspiration from Germany’s “Industry 4.0” plan, China has proposed the “Made in China 2025” strategy to comprehensively upgrade China’s manufacturing industry. China’s production has historically been cost-efficient and labour-intensive. However, with salaries on the rise and advancements in local R&D efforts, China has a powerful growth of investment in building up industrial automation capabilities. Many leading companies from various segments focus on exhibiting their industrial automation products and solutions for smart production at Productronica China.

And on the same line, what can you highlight from the next edition? What is going to be the novelties?

Automation solutions and related products will be in the spotlight.

The show attracts exhibitors from many segments of different industries, can you give some tips for those exhibiting for the first time, not just in Productronica China but in Shanghai?

There are some tips for exhibiting in Shanghai and do business in China for the first time.

  • Obtaining a Chinese Visa
  • Non-Chinese participants will need to apply for an entry visa into China.
  • Once you finalize your arrival and departure dates, submit your application for a Chinese visa.
  • Booking a Hotel Room
  • Organizers will provide a list of approved hotels (for varying budgets) located near to the exhibition venue. We encourage exhibitors to select one of these official accommodation options for the duration of the exhibition as they are near the show venue, so there is no chance of being caught up in the morning or evening rush hour.

Business Etiquette in China

  • Getting to know someone face-to-face is a key the Chinese use to determine if they want to work with you. Below are a few tips to help you make a strong and positive impression on potential Chinese partners and customers.
  • A handshake is the standard way of greeting. Note that the Chinese respect their elders, so an extra show of courtesy in the presence of an older person reflects well.
  • It never hurts to know even a little Mandarin in advance. Simple phrases such as Ni Hao (hello) and xiexie (pronounced ‘shee-eh shee-eh’ - thank you) can go a long way towards making a positive impression.
  • The Chinese generally like to give small, inexpensive gifts. It’s, therefore, a good idea to bring similar presents with a theme from your country

Business Meetings

  • Arrive early for the standard formal introductions. It is usual to be introduced to the most senior person at the meeting first, followed by the others, in descending order of seniority.
  • Have business cards translated into Chinese on the reverse side?
  • Never begin eating or drinking until your host does. It is considered good manners to try all the dishes offered to you, although you can discreetly leave anything you don’t like at the edge of your plate. Always set chopsticks down horizontally, never vertically, in a bowl.

Do you recommend us an activity or conference in particular?

The forums, conferences, presentations of application examples and panel discussions at Productronica China will give the participants additional momentum and background information on the fair's interesting topics like electronic manufacturing, SMT, automation, wire harness manufacturing, printed electronics and adhesive move the electronics manufacturing industry. At Productronica China, you will find answers to your questions on these and other topics. For more details, please find more details about the forums and conference through the official website.

In your opinion, why it's Shanghai the best place to organize or participate in a trade show?

Shanghai is the commercial hub and gateway of China, connecting the rest of our country with Asia and the world. Most of the country's production and distribution centres are located near Shanghai. Productronica China is held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (abbreviated as SNIEC, every year, the only Sino-german joint venue with western management is the leading international exhibition venue in the heart of Shanghai, a metropolis with 25 million people. 

Give us some reasons to don't miss the show.

  • World's leading trade-fair network
    No other trade fair benefits from being embedded in a worldwide cluster as much as Productronica China. Productronica China attracts international and local market leaders from the industry, showcases products and addresses all important target groups. In doing so, it creates the best communication and business environment for both sides.
  • High-quality services and international standards
    We have been organizing leading events in Munich since 1964, but also have a great deal of experience with Productronica in Shanghai. This allows us to provide you optimum trade-show efficiency and expertise.
  • Outstanding supporting program
    With the help of associations and other industry partners, Productronica China also features special lectures that are tailored to meet the market's needs. Speakers include experts, executives and researchers from leading companies and scientific research institutions. This much experience, knowledge and expertise are not available in this form anywhere else.

Finally, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

  • 5,900+ exhibitors
  • 210,000+ visitors
  • 1,000 media representatives and important industry associations
  • 98% of visitors feel that attending Productronica China benefits them moderately to greatly with regard to their professional activities or education/training
  • 98% of visitors plan to attend Productronica China again
  • 97% of exhibitors plan to participate in the next Productronica China

Shanghai Electronica & Productronica Exhibition Design

Electronica & Productronica China is the leading trade platform for electronic components and systems in China and the Asian-Pacific region. It is all about the sophisticated apps and its electronic novelties.

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As it grows far and wide around China's own industry, this fair gives you the opportunity to see top-class conferences, instant access to the top representatives of the most important companies and it will give you positive results for your own company.

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The results are in and they are noteworthy, due to the fact that innovative products are showcased, constant network is being made, leading companies take part of it all, you leave the three day experience with more contacts and useful information.

Booth Built At Electronica China

In this large top-notch fairground you can find more than 730 exhibitors from 17 countries, well- over 45,000 visitors and each year the number grows. Contact us right away to form part of this well-known fair, we can help you find the best builders, contractors and designers for your booth.

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