Perumin is one of best mining expos in Latin America. Gathering more than one thousand national and international companies, it has also become a platform to close important transactions between exhibitors and buyers, which means it generates an ideal scenario for business. They have ventured into more ambitious challenges from both sides, as their hard work is seen all throughout their editions.


Offering quality services to continue as being on the top of the list, they take their time selecting exhibition companies and honor those who continue with them throughout the years. If you are in the sector, you know how important this trade show is. Mining will always be an important service that the world needs, as it helps the country itself become more developed. Book a stand.

What is more, their progress of all the scientific knowledge and procedures helps the sector itself go farther. As you book a stand, let us know what design ideas you have in mind. Since we are able to show you the ones that fit you the most, free of cost. This expo consists of an main entrepreneurial meeting, used as a dialogue platform where the economic, political and social context of the country are exposed and analyzed.

There will be plenty of conferences and round tables, as they will gather well-known company executives, public and private authorities, social leaders and representatives from all the communities close to the mining sector. Keynote presentations and round tables form dynamic proposals with the aim to promote the sustainable development of the mining industry and the country. You'll be pleased with the results and with this whole expo itself!