Pekan Lingkungan Hidup Kehutanan 2018

Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center , Jalan Gatot Subroto 1
Jakarta (ID)

This event has been cancelled and will no longer be held

Pekan Lingkungan Hidup Kehutanan: the trade show

Welcome to the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Week.

June 2017 Edition:

Week of Environment and Forestry felt by all components in moving and encourage attention community to pay more attention to the environment and forestry. Evidently this activity is activities in the field of Environment and Forests the largest and most complete in Indonesia. Repeat back success of the event, Antheus Indonesia Organizer with fully supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia Environment Week will organize and Into forestry - 21, 2017, to be held Jakarta Convention Center on 1 to 4 June 2017. Various achievements and programs environmental conservation and forestry display by participants from relevant ministries, the Provincial / City / County, State Owned Enterprises / Area, private company or a multinational, Non-Government Organization, International Organization related, community organizations, universities and research institutes. Environment Week and Forestry to - 21 in 2017 would be an achievement and program performance - program in the field of environment and forestry, as well as a means of promotion and publication of a wide range of products and services in the field of the environment and forestry. The series of activities organized include CSR Indonesia 2017 There are several activities during the exhibition such as, Talkshow, Workshop, Seminar, Eco Driving Rally & Workshop, Competition Playing Streets, Drawing and Coloring Competition, Competition Young engineer, Games Booth and many other activities.


Product Display:

• Achievement and performance Environmental Management and forest conservation

• Program forest conservation and the environment

• Regulation and central government policy and in the area environmental and forestry and related institutions

• Achievement of environmental law enforcement

• Systems and technologies such as environmental management Liquid waste management, landfills

(Trash), air pollution treatment, equipment waste management and water and air quality equipment

• Alternative energy products

• Crafts and souvenirs made from recycled


Exhibitor Profile:

• Ministries and Non-Government Institutions Republic of Indonesia

• Ministry of Environment Country Companions

• the Provincial, City and County in Indonesia

• State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) as well as trained partners

• National and Multinational Private Company

• Organization / National Agency and the International

• Business associations and Related Services

• Center for environmental studies and environmental consultants

• Corporate environmental management equipment and services

• NGOs and community organizations and environmental fields energy

• Universities, educational institutions and colleges


Series of activities

• Exhibition of Environment and Forests Indonesia

• Corporate Social Responsibility Indonesia 2017

• Coaching Clinic From Waste To Worth It

• Seminar

• Workshop

• Talkshow

• Eco Driving Rally

• PLHK From Time To Time

• Games Booth

• Young Engineers Competition

• Coloring & Drawing Competition

• Playing Race Street

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