Oslo Design Fair - Gift and Interior 2024

Oslo Spektrum , Sonja Henies plass 2
Oslo (NO)

Oslo Design Fair - Gift and Interior: the trade show

Gift & Interior brings together the gift and interior trade to find the latest products including, decorative and utility products for the home, souvenirs, paper, textiles, stationary, clothing, jewellery and more.

With other attendance from architects, designers and other professionals in the sector, the show is the perfect opportunity to network with potential clients, exchange experiences with other professionals and learn about the latest trends and ideas in the sector.

Oslo Design Fair - Gift and Interior editions

Oslo Design Fair - Gift and Interior 2024 From to Oslo Spektrum
Oslo Design Fair - Gift and Interior 2023 From to Oslo Spektrum
Oslo Design Fair - Gift and Interior 2022 From to NOVA Spektrum
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We are talking with Grete Sivertsen, director of Oslo Design Fair


Oslo Design Fair is an international platform for consumer-goods, what do you think that stands out from other similar shows in the fashion industry?

Oslo Design fair is the largest trade fair and most important meeting place for the design and interior industries in Norway. Oslo Design Fair wishes to be a display window for Norwegian design and show Norway and the world some of the exciting things going on in our design industry. Here you can meet Scandinavian and international exhibitors in a variety of categories.


The show is also the perfect place to discover new products about design and interior decor. What are the coming trends?

This seasonal theme is Togetherness, and it will be explored from different angles, from social public spaces, architecture and cooperation, to the use of colours, and even knitting. The trend indicates physical closeness and warmth, and we believe that since we live in a world with increasing menace of violence, the feeling of togetherness and safety is more and more important. This influences the way we live, the way we decorate our homes and how we surround ourselves with others.



And on the same line, what can you highlight from the next edition? What is going to be the novelties?

We are proud to present the critically acclaimed Norwegian exhibition Structure, which was first shown during Salone del Mobile in Milan in April earlier this year, and the collaborative project Norway x New York from the Sight Unseen Offsite-exhibition in New York in May. We also have several strong new design brands among our exhibitors, such as Tonning & Stryn, Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrikk, and Foggia, to mention a few.


The show attracts exhibitors from many segments, can you give some tips for those exhibiting for the first time, not just in Oslo Design Fair but generally in Oslo? (customs, business etiquette, venue rules...)

It is important to prepare well for the fair, look up potential customers, invite them to their stand and have relevant information available. The fair also attracts a lot of Norwegian press, so we recommend having press material available at the stand. There are several happenings during the fair in the evening around Oslo at different venues, and this could be a good place to meet new contacts a little less formal.


Do you recommend us an activity in particular of the fair?

We recommend you to see both exhibitions; Structure and Norway x New York, and to check out the program of the fair, we have several key speakers that also speak English.



What represents Oslo Design Week for the annual calendar of the industry?

Oslo Design Fair is Norway’s largest trade fair and most important arena and meeting place for the design- and interior industries.


Give us some reasons to don't miss the show.

Oslo Design Fair has a distinctive position in Scandinavia and will showcase the best new design from the Norwegian design scene.


Lastly/finally, can you give us some participation results from the last edition?

In January 2016 we had over 10.000 visitors from all around the country as well as from abroad.