NRA Show 2024

McCormick Place , South King Drive 2301
Chicago (US)

NRA Show: the trade show

The NRA Show is the largest foodservice and hospitality event, held in Chicago annually.

More than 40 foodservice segments from all 50 states and 100+ countries come together every year to taste, test, shop, network and connect. It's an energy that only the hospitality industry can create.

The show's focus includes everything those in the food, restaurant and hospitality industries need, products, services, promotional items, technology, for example, food and beverage equipment, smallwares apparel, tabletop furnishings and decorative items.

Everything and everyone in foodservice together:That’s the recipe for these four-day Show, the wide range of opportunities you can find out, many companies like yours can engage with more customers and prospects than at any other time of year.

44,000+ foodservice professionals from all around the world meet in Chicago—hungry for new products like yours with the budgets to act. Buyers and prospects are scouting the floor.

Dealers and distributors are searching for what’s next. The environment is primed to engage face-to-face, connect and SELL.

NRA Show editions

NRA Show 2024 From to McCormick Place
NRA Show 2023 From to McCormick Place
NRA Show 2022 From to McCormick Place
NRA Show 2019 From to McCormick Place

Over 2,000 exhibitors bring their best products at the NRA Show, exclusive event in the food service industry

From celebrity chefs to new approaches, from newfound products to food service solutions, the NRA Show is your place to be. This trade show has everything you need in the food service industry. It addresses interesting topics and exposes state of the art products that are led by top-notch food operators.

Nra Show Floor

Showing off incredible booth designs that welcome chefs and merchandise from all over the world, they take the industry to a whole different level. Instead the static phone calls and spread sheets for the standard sales strategy, this is a place where you can do face-to-face business deals and find the right clients you need.

With more than 44,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibitors, including 40 different industry segments, opportunities come alive that exist at no other time of the year. On top of all this, you are able to participate in different parties, tours and satellite events. This four day event will leave you with new ways to promote your brand and be better prepared for future projects!