Milano Unica January 2024

Fiera Milano City , Viale Lodovico Scarampo
Milan (IT)

Milano Unica: the trade show

MilanoUnica, the new international textile fair organized in Italy, has been created through vast experience, fine quality and tradition of five prestigious Italian trade shows, Ideabiella, Ideacomo, Moda In, Prato Expo and Shirt Avenue.

This composed project is held twice a year (February-September), presenting the finest quality products from both Italian and European textile manufacturers. The name, MilanoUnica represents the three essential characteristics of the textile fair. Unica is synonymous with singular, exclusive, united.

September 2014 Edition:

Milano Unica the Italian events for over 30 years represent successfully the Italian and European textile.The tissues of the Made in Italy are the international reference point for the production range, hence the market demand of a rationalization of the offer.

  • For this reason
  • Ideabiella, precious materials for the men's and women's collections;
  • Moda In, State-of-the-art materials for "fashion";
  • Shirt Avenue, tradition and innovation in fabric for shirts

Milano Unica editions

Milano Unica January 2024 From to Fiera Milano City
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Milano Unica January 2023 From to Fiera Milano City
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