Palm Beach Home Design And Remodeling Show 2024

Broward County Convention Center , 1950 Eisenhower Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Fort Lauderdale (US)

Palm Beach Home Design And Remodeling Show: the trade show

Our South Florida shows bring together valuable insights, quality products and services, and rich perspectives from some of today’s most prominent brands and designers. Enjoy one-on-one product demonstrations, discussion panels, and a spectacular showcase of the most cutting-edge trends in the home design industry. From home décor, to custom kitchens, to home automation, our exhibitions span the entire home design spectrum.

We aim to educate our guests and provide a comfortable and inviting environment, regardless of your design experience or budget.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for a new home, inspiration for an upcoming renovation, or even reimagining a new office, our show provides resources to elevate your design and meet your specific needs.

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Palm Beach Home Design And Remodeling Show editions

Palm Beach Home Design And Remodeling Show 2024 From to Broward County Convention Center
Palm Beach Home Design And Remodeling Show 2023 From to Palm Beach County Convention Center
Palm Beach Home Design And Remodeling Show 2022 From to Palm Beach County Convention Center
Palm Beach Home Design And Remodeling Show 2021 From to Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo Center

Get inspired, discover new products and save money at Miami Home Show!

The Home Design and Remodeling Show has been bringing the most successful Home Shows to South Florida for over 40 years. On March 18-21 will take place a new edition and we can't wait to know more about the success of this premier show in Florida, so we have interviewed the organisers to discover all the details and receive some tips to get the best from the exhibition...!

Sachasuarez For Miami Home Show

What makes Home Design and Remodeling Show different from other Events of its kind?

The Home Design and Remodeling Shows are nationally recognized home improvement marketplaces that specialize in South Florida living. We are the only home improvement events that have focused on the needs of South Florida homeowners for over forty years.

As a South Florida based company, we understand how unique and special South Florida is, and showcase products and services that compliment the lifestyle that people in South Florida enjoy.

Products from around South Florida are featured, but products from around the United States and other countries are also showcased…. making the Home Design and Remodeling Shows comprehensive international marketplaces that celebrate South Florida living.

Every year 4 shows are held, two in Miami and two in Fort Lauderdale. Why four Shows, and how it impacts in the annual calendar of the industry?

South Florida is a dynamic environment, filled with people who have lived in South Florida for years, or who have just moved in. No matter how long they have been residing in South Florida, people are always looking for new ideas, new products, and new ways to enjoy their homes. So, we have showcased home improvement and interior design for South Florida for the over forty years.

We have two shows annually in Miami (at the Miami Beach Convention Center) and two shows annually in Fort Lauderdale (at the Broward County Convention Center). By having two shows each year in both markets, South Florida homeowners, condo owners and new residents are sure to have access to great new home products and expert services!

Cheff Jeff Maxfield At Miami Home Show

Can you give some tips for new exhibitors?

Exhibitors should consider how they set up their display so that they create a visually appealing and interesting display that encourages show attendees to stop by, enter the display and learn about their featured product or service. Remember that all attendees who are at the show are interested in home improvement in one form or another, so they are all potential new customers! As such, exhibitors should be welcoming and attentive to show guests. You never know who will be your next new customer!

Apart from the exhibition, we will enjoy other activities during the Show. Can you enumerate them?

  • At Home With Art- At Home With art is a unique art show featuring the work of 28 Miami artists. The art show celebrates the relationship between interior design and art.Show-goers can meet the artists and see their work, as well as find information about art walks, museums, galleries and openings, plus cultural events.
  • Culinary Stage- The Culinary Experience Cooking Stage, another popular feature at the show, will celebrate delicious and nutritional recipes in daily cooking shows by a variety of guest chefs from around South Florida. Each day a series of guest chefs will be featured on stage, who will prepare delicious new recipes that they will share with the Home Show audience.
  • Home Improvement Stage - Taniya Nayak, designer of Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible, will be the featured celebrity speaker on Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. In addition, DIY Network’s Jason Cameron will speak on Saturday at 3:00 pm. And Christina Vasquez, LOCAL 10’s consumer reporter will speak on Saturday at 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Exhibit At Miami Home Design And Remodeling Show

Who can attend the show, or who must DO IT?

The show is open to both the public and the trade. So, consumers and homeowners/condo owners looking for new ideas, new decorating, fun new products for their homes or great new ways to utilize space, should attend! In addition, members of the trade, all aspects of home improvement, interior design, remodelling, indoor and outdoor improvements for residential properties, architects, and landscape architects will gain inspiration, see new products and meet other members of the trade.

Rozu Designs At Miami Home Show

Convince us with some reasons to don't miss Miami Home Show (spring edition)

Where else can you go to get inspired, see thousands of products and services for your home, talk with experts from around the world... and buy at special show prices that save you money!

Finally, can you give us some participation results from Miami the last edition? (visitors, exhibitors…)?

Each year the show is attended by approximately 55,000-65,000 attendees who are interested in home improvements, remodelling, interior design, outdoor improvements and other home improvements. The shows bring together buyers and sellers of home-related products, creating a dynamic marketplace that generates millions of dollars in sales.

The Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show - Making it Possible to Shop the World

The Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show gives professional home vendors the chance to interact with homeowners. The show has been going on for 40 years now, in South Florida, and has the best products and services for decorating and renovating homes. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Sharon Berube, the Marketing Director for The Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show. She gave me insight and information that will be helpful for people to know before they attend the show, and I'm here to share her knowledge with you. I asked her a list of questions about the show, and below, you will be able to see what she said.

Miami Home Design And Remodeling Show

What are the novelties of the next edition?

The Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show features thousands of products and services for home improvement and design. In addition, the show always has several high visibility “feature areas” within the show that offer added value to the attendees and provide an additional “wow” factor to the event. This year’s show will feature:

AT HOME WITH ART - a unique South Florida art show featuring the work of Miami artists and art resources. The show web site will offer a comprehensive look at the participating artists and art organizations as the show approaches.

DESIGNER ROOM VIGNETTES - Five South Florida professional interior designers will design original room settings featuring the latest design trends. These room settings are a visual and elegant representation of professional space planning and interior design.

CULINARY EXPERIENCE COOKING STAGE - The kitchen is the heart of every home and the food we prepare for family and friends is an important part of personal expression and healthy lifestyles. The Culinary Stage will showcase delicious and nutritious recipes prepared by guest chefs from around South Florida in entertaining daily cooking shows. The audience has the opportunity to taste the dishes prepared and often to participate in the cooking demo.

HOME IMPROVEMENT STAGE - A variety of experts in interior design and home improvement will be featured in complimentary seminars throughout the weekend. Check the show's web site at for a complete schedule.

Home Design And Remodeling Show 2015

What are three reasons why people should visit the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Trade Show?

  1. The Home Show offers consumers and members of the trade show the opportunity to shop and compare thousands of products in one convenient setting. Nowhere else can consumers see such a wide range of home-related products, services and design ideas in one location. Products from around the world are featured at the show, making it possible to “shop the world” at the Home Show!

  2. In addition the Home Show is an interactive marketplace that is about people. Consumers have the unique opportunity to talk one-on-one with experts in all fields of home improvement and design, gain personal insight, ideas and tips from professionals throughout the industry and interact in a casual setting. That is why the show is about people.

  3. Lastly, the Show offers consumers the opportunity to save with special show pricing, that is offered throughout the show by many of the participating businesses.

What are the benefits of exhibiting at the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Trade Show?

Exhibitors at the Home Show gain the benefit of direct interaction with thousands of potential new customers each day. The audience that attends the Home Show is a targeted audience of trade and consumers who are interested and passionate about home improvement and interior design. There is no other marketing vehicle that enables businesses to interact directly with potential new customers, enabling them to offer consumers direct experience with their product in a setting designed to be interactive. Exhibitors gain leads for potential new business at the show, and often sell directly from the show floor. An added benefit is the high visibility and exposure that sponsors and businesses in the show receive in the lucrative South Florida marketplace.

Stand Designers In Miami

Is your event invite only or is it open to the public?

It is open to the public.

How many visitors are expected to attend this next edition?

Approximately 65,000 people are expected to attend over the five-day event.

How did you go about choosing the location of your event?

The show has taken place at the Miami Beach Convention Center for over forty years. Our tradition continues!

What are some specific rules and what will I have to know in order to exhibit in the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Trade Show?

The products and services featured at the show must be home-related. A limited number of companies are permitted in each category of product, ensuring a well-rounded, comprehensive collection of products and services on the show floor. Specific product categories are also required to have a minimum size of exhibit, to ensure success for the exhibitor and to enable consumers to see quality displays. A Show representative can assist interested businesses with their space requirements and reservations.

What kind of relationship do you have with Home Design and Remodeling companies who participate in your show?

We work closely with the businesses that exhibit in the show. As show producers, it is very important for us to know what products will be featured, so that we can publicize when new products are debuting and educate the public and trade as to what they will see when they come to the show. From the exhibitor perspective, the Home Show is part of their marketing team.

What specific qualities, relevance, and diversity are you looking for in exhibits at the Shows, and what are some examples?

We limit the number of companies in each product category to ensure a well-rounded show. This way, we have a better collection of products for consumers to see. It is also a better opportunity for those companies in the show to promote their product and do business. Additionally, when you feature a wide range of products and services, it enables the consumers to get more inspired, and to gain better insight into new product opportunities and trends. It also helps them gain a more global perspective on home improvement projects and the opportunities to improve their own homes.

Exhibiti At Home Design And Remodeling Show

What are some of the popular home trends and requests that you see and hear often?

South Florida is a gateway to the world. As such, our shows are more international in scope than other shows around the country. Additionally design is of high importance to South Florida. So, the show features more interior design, outdoor design, and high-end design trends than other shows around the country. The show offers many products and services that enable homeowners to expand their living spaces outdoors, which is nice because of the year round warm weather. (i.e.- outdoor kitchens, outdoor furniture, water scapes, etc.)

Will Larry Perl or Steve Plotkin be speaking at the show, and what advice or tips do you think they would give to people attending the show?

They do not speak at the show. However, they feature experts in the field of interior design, and home improvement in complimentary seminars on the Home Improvement Stage. A list of featured speakers will be available on our web site, as the show gets closer.

Now that you have read the interview with Sharon, hopefully you have a better idea of what The Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show is, and what to expect. When in need for home products and services, The Miami Home Design and Remodeling show is the place to go!