Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition is an effective platform for the biggest and greatest national hi-tech projects. Metal processing is at its top moment in the modern industry. Developing to be one of the best expos in the industry, it introduces state of the art technological solutions in the Russian engineering industry. It also helps to innovate the economy in the country, as well as speeding up the process all around.

Metalloobrabotka Booth

Including the fact that it allows you to see all the economy branches that are being used every day, it also displays intelligent machine tools, new generation of hi-tech equipment and innovating metal-cutting tools. As well as progressive automation systems. Don't miss out on this show. We offer the best and most advanced services from design, production, implementation and decoration of stands and modules for important trade fairs and events, such as this one.

The most important thing for the modernization of the Russian engineering industry is competitive products that could provide a technological breakthrough in the enhancement of efficiency and quality of manufacture. The Metalloobrabotka international show is Russia's major project in the field of high technologies for metalworking. It determines development trends of this country's machine building.