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Le Salon du Mariage by Nuits Célestes 2016

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  • Paris Expo Porte de Versailles 1, place de la Porte de Versailles, Paris (France)

Le Salon du Mariage by Nuits Célestes

Le Salon du Mariage by Nuits Célestes: the trade show

A Wedding Fair is a moment that we love to share. Friends, family accompany us, we advise on the choice of outfit to wear the colors of beautiful flowers that embellish our dress. Have we ever heard of this ritual marital "something new, something old, of blue and borrowed. All brides wish one day this sentence and yet many of them are surprisingly only two in the living room, see one, just to say: "I went." And yet what a pleasure to come with her future husband to return with beautiful mother and little sister dream or little cousin, as three apples high, already dreaming this beautiful white dress she will one day .

Beside us, a stranger we address a knowing smile and advises us on photographer met at the corner of an alley. Everything seems familiar when we refocus on the essentials: enjoy the moment magical preparations. All the spouses have already said what am I going to do with all this mountain of things to achieve? And yet the mountains are beautiful and when you find the top ... the cake, we remember those days when individuals trying on her dress, tests sometimes misses a new hairstyle, makeup, as well as meetings of providers exhibitors made "wedding fair by celestial nights. "

But wonderful taste of the preparations are completed, the last kilos vanish, we always keep in a corner of our heads and say, "I was there" and I gladly go back to the "wedding fair by night heaven ", would advise that for another bride family.

A wedding fair is above all, able to share a moment that will become a beautiful memory.

Various activities: • The lounge dresses love: A city imaginary inside the room where you meet the love in every corner: "Passage of love", "Alley of pretty hearts," "Boulevard Bridesmaids," "Bld. of the Garter "and" Wedding Street "main street, which takes you to the fountain wishes. How come you throw a coin or two and two make a wish?

• Stand photos "memories preparations" To immortalize this moment spent in the lounge, we set up a photo booth where couples, family you will come to be photographed. So take the pose, accessories set the tone.

• The bandstand: Come listen to these groups of musicians who will play for you the finest jazz tunes in a romantic setting.

• The Coffee Lovers: At the corner of a coffee shop, you will meet who knows, Aunt Adele and his little Charlotte that you have prepared delicious pastries. Enjoy the specialty of the show "Wedding Cupcakes "It's a delight!

• The flag of the dream and marriage: the "Wedding Pavilion" apprentices meet the brides and their sponsors Celestial Nights for meetings called "Wedding Party" Our magic wand, they will discover tips, ideas , tips for a successful marriage magic.

Parades: "The fairy tales of modern times," is the theme of the parade, this year's show. 9 parades on 2 days with a true staging created around dresses.

• Courtship: 15 minutes before each show you attend in the "boulevards of living" parades of wedding dresses flagship brand of participating in parades. Through transparent bubbles, you can watch closely, these masterpieces out of marriage.

Event profile Le Salon du Mariage by Nuits Célestes

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Le Salon du Mariage by Nuits Célestes editions

Edition Date Localizatiob
Le Salon du Mariage by Nuits Célestes 2016 From to Paris, France Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
Le Salon du Mariage by Nuits Célestes 2015 From to Bordeaux, France Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux Lac
Le Salon du Mariage by Nuits Célestes 2014 From to Bordeaux, France Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux Lac
Le Salon du Mariage by Nuits Célestes 2012 From to Bordeaux, France

Le Salon du Mariage by Nuits Célestes organizer

  • Whisky Gu
  • Suzhou (China)

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