IDA World Congress 2023

ICC Sydney , Darling Drive 14
Sydney (AU)

IDA World Congress: the trade show

To secure a sustainable future, we need to chart progress toward resilient processes, technologies, and communities. Desalination and Water Reuse provide resilient solutions to efficiently meet the growing demand for water, and threats to water security.  
The IDA World Congress is a five day event, a week for learning, sharing ideas, and developing your network to advance the solutions that will secure water for all.

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IDA World Congress editions

IDA World Congress 2023 From to
IDA World Congress 2022 From to ICC Sydney
IDA World Congress 2021 From to Expo Center Norte
IDA World Congress 2019 From to Expo Center Norte

IDA, the world's premier event for desalination and water reuse in San Diego

IDA World Congress is held every two years and its the main trade show directed to the desalination and water reuse industry. Their main goal is to preserve water worldwide because as they their slogan says “Without water, we cannot grow”. This expo includes the most distinguished desalination industry workers, including manufacturers, suppliers, government officials, project developers, researchers and beyond.

Ida San Diego

Celebrate in San Diego, it is an ideal place to present new products and services, introduce the most recent company news and connect with other important businesses. The fairground is also designed for both exhibitors and trade visitors to benefit due to its added space this upcoming year. It contains various areas for conferences, meetings and seminars.

This show that continues growing in every edition brings new ideas each time. Introducing to the next edition are industry-related films and company presentations to know the past and present of the industry. Each stand is designed to facilitate impromptu meetings and find out additional information.

Book your stand today to be a part of the world's premier event of the sector in San Diego. Contact us and we will help you find the best stand builders and designers in the area.