GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference (GOVirtual Expo) 2024

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre , Expo Drive 1
Hong Kong (HK)

GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference (GOVirtual Expo): the trade show

Responding to the China and HKSAR governments’ strategic vision and development blueprint for the Greater Bay Area (GBA), GOVirtual Business Expo is a professional exhibition and conference event aiming to be the platform for tech companies and business enterprises in the area to exchange ideas, collaborate and foster partnerships; for tech professionals and solution providers to interact with existing and potential clients and partners; and for helping corporate executives in the GBA unlock and capture the boundaryless potential of virtual business, which becomes ever so critical in the post pandemic economy.


The GOVirtual Business Expo also targets to become the perfect platform for:

Ø  encouraging advancement and realization of digital transformation of businesses in all sectors;

Ø  inspiring creative ideas and innovation that will bring disruptive changes to businesses;

Ø  promoting utilization of 5G technologies by various trade and business sectors to transform from offline traditional practices to innovative online operations.


GOVirtual Business Expo consists of 6 impactful exhibit categories:


Ø  Disruptive Business Innovations

Ø  eCommerce

Ø  Marketing Technology

Ø  Digital Sales Management

Ø  Payment & FinTech

Ø  Supply Chain & Logistics


In addition, an array of eye-opening themed pavilion is organised on the show floor, providing event participants and visitors abundant and effective networking and information exchange platform.


Ø  Hybrid Park

A unique B2B+B2C dual platform for eCommerce businesses meet potential partners, suppliers, vendors for creating opportunities; and see end customers for face-to-face sales interactions.

Ø  Trailblazer Showcase

Presents amazing technological solutions by tech companies & start-ups in GBA.

Ø  Future • Connected by 5G

Showcase 5G applications in different industries and communities.

Ø  Young Tech Meet-Up

Connects with up & coming young tech professionals in the region to foster growth opportunities.


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