Formex August 2024

Stockholmsmässan , Mässvägen 1
Stockholm (SE)

Formex: the trade show

Formex started in 1960 and is held twice a year, in the beginning of January and in the end of August. We have about 800 exhibitors per fair with products within interior design, fashion and accessories etc. The fair brings together national and international buyers, agents, designers, producers and media from all over the interior design and gifts industry. Each fair we have about 20,000 visitors and about 500 media representatives. Besides the opportunity to do business, the fair gives visitors information about trends, inspiration and knowledge in the form of exhibitions and lectures.

Formex editions

Formex August 2024 From to Stockholmsmässan
Formex August 2023 From to Stockholmsmässan
Formex August 2022 From to Stockholmsmässan
Formex August 2021 From to Stockholmsmässan

Formex, the largest platform and meeting space for Nordic designers!

If you are a lover of Nordic interior design, you will not want to miss next edition of Formex, held in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, on August 24-27. We have been talking to the organizers of the show to bring you more information about the highlights and reasons why you can't miss the largest interior design fair specialized on Nordic design. Enjoy!

Formex is the largest meeting place for Nordic interior design. What makes it different from other similar events?

Formex has for many years had the largest (both in a number of exhibitors and an exhibition area) meeting space for Nordic designers, Hall B is allocated for Nordic Design and Craft, to show the best design companies from the Nordic countries.

What are the hot spots at Formex 2016?

FAR FROM CONVENTION - AND PRECONCEPTIONS - The Codesign architecture agency has been given the assignment to design Nordic Me, the trend theme at Formex, in an exhibition in Stockholmsmässan’s Entrance Hall. With its concept Breaking Through Convention, Codesign interprets the theme by looking at stereotypical preconceptions about the Nordic region. The theme focuses on awareness, our choices and our way of life, heritage and nature.

FALL TRENDS IN THE NORDIC ME TREND RESTAURANT - Interior stylist Tina Hellberg has been given the assignment to design the Formex Trend Restaurant using three fall trends: Shape of things, Authenticity and Sensory.

FORMEX NOVA AWARD - On August 24, the winner of the design award, Formex Nova – Nordic Designer of the Year, will be announced. Formex established the award six years ago, the award goes to a young designer who is working in the Nordic region.

FORMEX DESIGN AWARD: FORMEX FORMIDABLE 2016 - Formex Formidable is an annual design award to encourage and award interesting, qualitative and contemporary design. Twenty final products have been selected by the jury and the winner will be announced at Formex in January

DESIGN STUDENTS - SELECTED BY FORMEX - Trend expert Stefan Nilsson, on behalf of Formex for the fifth time, has selected twelve of his favourites from the recent design graduates from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Beckmans College of Design, Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies and Berghs School of Communication.

NORDIC BUZZ – NEW CREATIVE BUSINESS - Nordic Buzz is a common platform for entrepreneurs within the creative industry from the Nordic countries. 70 specially chosen designers have been admitted to participate, divided into 4 different categories: Interior Design details / Crafts & Lifestyle products / Fashion, Accessories & Jewelry / Illustration, Artwork & Industrial Design.

YOUNG DESIGNERS AREA - For the upcoming Formex, the Young Designers area – the fair’s platform for young, unestablished talent – will have a new layout and design. The creator of the new design is designer and architect Mattias Stenberg.

FASHION HACKATHON – NEXT GENERATION WEARABLES - This year, a Fashion Hackathon was arranged with the aim of creating a new hybrid industry between fashion and technology and solving a societal problem or everyday problem by creating the next generation’s wearables.

HEART EARTH – A GUEST EXHIBITION BY MARIE-LOUISE HELLGREN - Design with the objective of healing and bestowing a sense of community.

FORMEX POP-UP SHOP - What do you like the most at the fair? You might actually be able to buy it and bring it home with you now.

MATERIAL MAKERS LAB - Weave together with Friends of Handicraft. Make your own material and test macro and microwaving in a playful workshop.

How do you make sure to keep up with the trends going on within the interior design industry, and how are they displayed in your event?

The theme and trends are worked out together with Swedish Fashion Council. The theme is displayed in the main entrance, the installations are given to be curated by well-known stylists, designers, or architects. This year the installation will be curated by CoDesign.  
The trends are displayed and presented in the “Trend restaurant” – a specially build up 450 sqm restaurant with a thematic specialize menu also reflecting the theme and trends. This restaurant is curated by stylist Tina Hellberg.

What are 3 reasons to visit Formex 2016?

Forex gives the best overview of the Nordic and Scandinavian design.
The Young Designers area and Nordic Buzz area shows more than 80 young Scandinavian designers work – a huge inspiration to see.
Design, Inspiration and Business –your three catchwords, the size of Formex apx 30 000 sqm of the exhibition gives you a full day to experience and also see the inspirational installations and enjoy the Scandinavian food.

Can you give some tips for new exhibitors in the interior design industry?

Purposefulness, Commitment and Patience. How talented you might be business and success seldom come running after you-you need to work for it.

It is necessary to be active in the different social media, sent out press information, talk to clients and keep contact with every new customer that you meet at the fair is very important. You need to show that you are serious about your business. We normally find out that it takes three attendance at an exhibition before you can see the results.

What is the typical exhibitor profile?

Formex has 13 different areas, Living Interior & Textile, Body & Bath, Fashion& Accessories, Nordic Design, Craft, Young Designers, Next Step, Kitchen & Table, Taste, Mixed Interior & Gifts, Floral& Garden, Paper & Packaging, Kids & Toys and Nordic Buzz – it means that there is no typical profile of the exhibitors. You will find everything from exclusive handmade chocolate from a small company from the north of Sweden to larger international companies as Georg Jensen.

What is the visitor profile?

The typical visitor is a woman, working as a buyer for a company and often has an own business.

Lastly, what are some participation results from the last edition?

  • 60% of the visitors have placed an order at Formex and 78% will place an order within 6 month
  • 93% of the visitors gave Formex the ranking Good to Excellent
  • 90% of the visitors will come back next time
  • 92% of the exhibitors gave Formex the ranking Good to Excellent
  • 80% of the exhibitors gave the ranking Good to Excellent regarding their ROI of the event
  • 89% of the exhibitors will be back as an exhibitor next time