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Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi) 2020

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  • Pragati Maidan Mathura Road, New Delhi (India)

Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi)

Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi): the trade show

Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi) is one of UBM’s flagship engagement platform for last 3 decades and world’s leading for Food networking event. This is one show where key food players congregate to connect, share and ideate. Annually over 250000+ food & beverage senior professionals attends Fi events globally.The 13th edition of Fi India & Hi will feature over 200+ exhibitors food, health, natural ingredients and related technological innovations from across the globe. Over 8800 buyers and sellers attended the event exploring opportunities to build strategic business alliances in the ever-growing food and health industry in India.

The Live Demonstrations includes a series of educative sessions to impart knowledge on a wide variety of topics, ranging from ingredients to the packaging of bakery products.

The Onsite Seminars are interactive seminars by experts from the global food industry, addressing issues ranging from health, wellness and nutrition to the evolution and innovation in ingredients.

Exhibitor Profile of Food Ingredients segment:

 Food Additives

 Seasonings

 Sweeteners

 Sourness

 Polysaccharide and Gelatinizing / Thickening & Stabilizing Agents

 Emulsifiers / Solubilizers

 Flavours

 Colors

 Starch & Starch Derivatives

 Preservatives

 Antioxidants

 Enzymes

 Lubricating Agents / Capsules / Coating

 Disintegrant / Binders

 Beauty / Anti-aging Ingredients

 Natural Extracts for Cosmetics

 Anti-aging / Skin Care Test Kit

 Organic Materials (food ingredients, pulses, flavors, colors, etc)

 Fermentation and distillation ingredients

 Essential oils

 Spices, cereals and pulses

 Fragrances

Exhibitor Profile of Health Ingredients segment:

 Algal Fungi

 Dairy Products

 Egg Products

 Fats & Oils

 Fatty Acids

 Fruits and Vegetable Products

 Functional Glucide

 Herbs / Spices

 Honey Products

 Lactic Acid Bacteria/ Yeast & Yeast Derivatives

 Minerals

 Mushroom Extract

 Natural Food Ingredients

 Nuts / Seeds

 Oligosaccharides

 Phospholipids

 Plant Extracts

 Polysaccharide / Dietary Fiber

 Proteins / Peptides / Amino Acids

 Salts

 Sea Foods / Meat Products

 Soya & Soya Products

 Tea

 Vitamins

Visitor Profile of Food & Health ingredients segments:

 Manufacturers of processed foods and beverages

 Bakers and baking schools

 Government agencies involved in food production, preservation and development

 Confectionary and sweet manufacturers

 Regulatory and government authorities

 Food safety and quality professionals, executives and senior managers

 Food ingredients distributors

 Manufacturers of nutraceuticals

 Manufacturers of dietary supplements, natural/ ayurvedic remedies, wellness supplements

 Manufacturers of health drinks and beverages

 Manufacturers of breakfast cereals

 Cosmetics manufacturers

Event profile Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi)

Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi) editions

Edition Date Localizatiob
Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi) 2020 From to New Delhi, India India Expo Mart
Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi) 2019 From to Mumbai, India India Expo Mart
Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi) 2018 From to Greater Noida, India India Expo Mart
Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi) 2017 From to Mumbai, India Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC)
Food Ingredients (Fi) & Health Ingredients (Hi) 2016 From to New Delhi, India Pragati Maidan

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