FIPAN 2024

Expo Center Norte , Rua José Bernardo Pinto 333
Sao Paulo (BR)

FIPAN: the trade show

FIPAN 2019 - International Bakery, Confectionery and Food Business Fair is an event promoted by SAMPAPÃO - Union and Industrialists' Association of Bakery and Confectionery Industries of Sao Paulo, which meets together Sao Paulo trade associations,  that will be held on July 23-26, at Expo Center  Norte, in Sao Paulo.

Being held once a year in Sao Paulo, in July, FIPAN is the main trade fair of bakery, confectionery and establishments dealing with food business in general, such as restaurants, pizza houses, snack bars, buffets, among others.

In addition to nearly 350 exhibitors, the event will provide its 65,000 visitors with a number of activities addressing professional updating, both in the technical and the professional refreshment areas, such as lectures, performances and demonstrations of products. In 2019 the event will also feature various parallel events, having as a major goal to provide a wide range of contents to the professional visitors of FIPAN. 


Nearly 65,000 VISITORS 

ü  64.43% of visitors are owners, directors or managers of establishments. 

The most outstanding fields of activity of visitors are:

ü  34,12% bakery professionals;

ü  20.82% professionals from supplying industry and service providers;

ü  30% professionals from restaurants, pizza houses, cafeterias, ice cream shops, snack bars and convenience stores;

ü  14% professionals from distributors,  representatives and wholesalers; 

Decision Level:

ü  42.71% Approves;

ü     27.80% Purchases 

FIPAN has also received:

ü  More than 180 groups of visitors;

ü  Visitors from all the states of Brazil;

ü  Visitors from 1,469 cities;

ü  Significant international visitation – 47 countries. 

Expected figures for 2019 event:

ü  36,000 sq. m;      

ü  350 exhibitors;       

ü  65,000 visitors.

July 2013 Edition:

Started on Monday, July 22, 2013 FIPAN international fair of Bakery, confectionery and Food-independent Retail finished his last day with business started at $ 800 million and received visitors from 50 countries, besides Brazil, who came close to 60 thousand visitors.R $ 800 million in business started and 59,870 visitors from all Brazilian States and 50 countries around the world was the positive balance of FIPAN 2013 international fair of Bakery, confectionery and independent Retail foods that happened at Expo Center Norte, green and white Flags and ended on Thursday, July 25

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