Feria Verde de Chile 2020

Plaza Ñuñoa, Irarrázaval 3550
Ñuñoa (CL)

Feria Verde de Chile: the trade show

On two floors Lastarria Observatory House, located in Villavicencio 395, Feria Verde dedicated exposure to organic products for the home and a wide assortment Biocosmética natural, especially to make a different gift, and more natural alternative to moms in their day. Creams organic seaweed, aloe vera, donkey milk, cannabis sativa, snail, nettle, rosemary, grape, honey, milk bath salts and virginal. Besides finding aromatherapy, natural wool, orchards departments portable, reusable diapers and cleaning products biodegradable.

On the third floor, Feria Verde offers a series of tastings of organic wines Native Vine who in addition to their traditional Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere, launches Sauvignoc heladito Blanc. There will also be craft beers, goat cheeses, chutneys, honeys, teas, candies, chocolates, organic coffee Colombian vegetarian quiches and pies.

Feria Verde is sponsored by the Ministry of Environment, Municipality of Santiago, Responsible Citizens Foundation and sponsored by Gen Suite Hotel and Native Viña Santa Rita.

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