Expo Dom Pedro , Rua Professor Milton Rodrigues s/n
Sao Paulo (BR)

FENAGRA: the trade show

The FENAGRA is a fair and conference bringing together major players in the supply chain of grease, allowing greater interaction between industry markets with the Pet Food Industry of flour and animal fats.

Participants are Food Manufacturers Food Manufacturers Pet Food, Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment, Consumables and Raw Materials, flavors, oils, Refrigerators, Service Providers, Colorants, Flavors, Ingredients, Packaging, Vitamins, Yeast, wholesalers and so on.

FENAGRA editions

FENAGRA 2024 From to Expo Dom Pedro
FENAGRA 2023 From to Expo Dom Pedro
FENAGRA 2022 From to Expo Dom Pedro
FENAGRA 2021 From to (International Trade Union House