FDI World Dental Federation is the main representative for dentists worldwide, as it represents more than one million dentists. Developing a healthy policy and continuing to present education programs, there will also be international key speakers to help you behold future knowledge. At this show, you can analyze trends and developments of importance to oral health and oral health care world-wide.

Fdi Exhibition Booth

This expo has developed various programs, initiatives, campaigns, policies and congresses, always with a view of occupying a space that no other non-profit group can claim. FDI works in international and national level, through its own activities and participating members.

It has various goals, much like recruiting, retaining and increasing the number of National Dental Associations. Also withholding to representation the world-wide profession of dentistry in relation to intergovernmental, international, governmental, voluntary and many other types of organizations from all around the world.

The FDI’s Annual World Dental Congress has always been a unique opportunity to meet leaders of the dental profession from more than one hundred countries, as well as top personalities of the international and national trade and industry. It is also a proven platform for global education, communication and development.