Emerald Queen Casino Hotel , 2024 E 29th St, Tacoma, WA 98404,
Fife (US)

EXPOKOS: the trade show

Range of exhibits:
  • Construction: Building materials, building systems and equipment, raw materials, prefabricated building, chemical auxiliaries for the industry, isolation heating and sanitary technology, electrical installation ceramics, doors and windows, metal processing, house and buildings decoration, road construction, glass facades, glass building materials, roof construction, street and park lighting, lifs, interior work natural stones, stainless steel, recycling, houses of wood, wood decorations, etc.
  • Energy and mines: Electric power industry, alternative energy from: wind, water, solar, gas, coal, oil and fuel, gas stations and bases, Ministries and Institutions of energy, mining and minerals, smelting, comminuting machinery, machinery for opening mining halls, machinery for mineral processing, drilling machinery, methane measurement equipment, mineral transporting machinery, working tools and security equipment for mining, etc.
  • Technique: Technology, pavilion of quality assurance, measuring instruments, analytical apparatus, automatic and robotic, hydraulic equipment, metallurgy, foundry, metals and non-metals equipment, chemistry, manufactures, ttelecommunication, transport and equipment for transport , woodworking machinery, solid wood processing, kitchen and home technology, etc.
  • Furniture: Woodworking machinery, solid wood processing, home and office furniture, kitchen and home technology, bathroom furniture, parquet wooden floors, houses of wood, wood decorations, etc.
  • Real estate: Architects, banks, commercial property companies, home inspectors, credit repair specialists, engineers, enviromental companies, investors, investment and financial planners, interior and exterior designers, landscapers, insurance companier, etc.

EXPOKOS editions

EXPOKOS 2022 From to Emerald Queen Casino Hotel
EXPOKOS 2021 From to Fair Center Prishtina 'Pallati i Rinise'
EXPOKOS 2020 From to Fair Center Prishtina 'Pallati i Rinise'
EXPOKOS 2019 From to Fair Center Prishtina 'Pallati i Rinise'