Expohormigón is quite an unmissable meeting for suppliers in the construction industry. Talking about the same sector, this expo involves various suppliers of strategic important to the market, thanks to through them they rapidly make cool and deep advancement in technologies.

Expohormigon Exhibition Area

Along the same lines, there are many reasons why all these participants are involved. Such as, researching and caring about maintaining good relationships with their fellow peers, operating and being involved in projects and creating new ideas to support the industry. Check out the cool stands and be part of the action too. Our specialist will point you the right way when it comes your awesome stand design.

This is Chile's largest and most important trade show for object construction, where the relationship between suppliers, professionals and companies within the sector, only grow stronger and wider. It is also organized in such a way to bring the top brands together, yet also to set high standards in innovation, sustainability, training and development of processes under quality standards.

Come to Expohormigón, where you can find more than 800 national and international companies present their main products and bring in constructive news. You will many opportunities to learn in detail all the benefits of the new products and allowing yourself to have an enriching experience as well.