Expoagro 2024

Autódromo De San Nicolás , Estanislao del Campo y
Buenos Aires (AR)

Expoagro: the trade show

Welcome to the world of agribusiness: Expoagro, now headquartered in San Nicolás (Rosario, Argentina). Expoagro is the agricultural exhibition held once a year and lasts four days.

Almost a thousand stands of different companies exhibit their goods, inputs and services necessary to produce grains and meat in the field.

Expoagro editions

Expoagro 2024 From to Autódromo De San Nicolás
Expoagro 2023 From to Predio Ferial y Autodromo San Nicolas
Expoagro 2023 From to Predio Ferial y Autódromo de San Nicolás
Expoagro 2022 From to Sociedad Rural de Corrientes