Energo Effectiveness 2009

Olympic Skonto complex , 1a Melngaila Riga
Riga (LV)

This event has been cancelled and will no longer be held

Energo Effectiveness: the trade show

The fair Energo Effectiveness (Energo Effectiveness) is dedicated to the energy and takes place in Riga, Latvia. For years the exhibition has been the largest and most significant event in the industry specializing not only in Latvia but also in the Baltic.

The exhibition brings together experts and businessmen from Latvia and abroad to solve the current problems are related to the introduction of effective technologies and energy conservation.

Energo Effectiveness covers the following topics: high-powered team of energy companies (such as fans, pumps, pipes and other equipment and materials related to energy supply), Electrical equipment, automation of processes, technology for lighting, heating, Testing and measuring equipment, ventilation equipment, air conditioning and cooling, thermal energy, water treatment, filters and more.

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Energo Effectiveness editions

Energo Effectiveness 2009 From to Olympic Skonto complex
Energo Effectiveness 2008 From to Olympic Skonto complex
Energo Effectiveness 2007 From to Olympic Skonto complex