Are you a gaming fan? well even if you aren't one, we have the pleasure to announce that we could get an interview withPatrizia Cecchi, IEG Group exhibitions director, the organaizer of ENADA, that will be held between 14th and 16th of march, Rimini Italy.

The fair presents a BtoB Networking Platform. Could you explain about it

For this 30th Edition, ENADA Spring (Rimini Expo Centre, 14 – 16 March) will organize an online platform that will bring the delegations of foreign buyers into contact with exhibiting companies. International buyers come from many countries, above all European ones, including: Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus.  

This is a cost-free opportunity for the companies, as expenses are borne entirely by Italian Exhibition Group. This system enables to view the profile of all the buyers taking part in the meetings, while foreign buyers will be able to view the products offered by the exhibitor according the product sectors shown in the registration form. So, before the expo begins, it will be possible to verify if supply and demand really correspond and only select useful appointments. 

What are the latest trends in trade industry? Will these trends be exhibit also in the fair?

The International appeal of Enada is growing more and more. It’s a B2B business oriented trade show aiming at International markets looking for a wider scope. In particular thanks to IEG’s promotion and marketing activities, Enada has become one of the most prominent trade show in the South Mediterranean Basin. Almost all the most important operators in the sector will be present at Enada, more than 25.000 professional operators.

What news have you prepared for the 2018 edition? What are the highlights? 

2018’s will be a special edition, because ENADA Spring achieves an important goal and celebrates its 30th edition. In fact, Rimini Amusement will be a new area of Enada focusing on the pure amusement world and promoting Italian creativity and products at home and abroad.

It will host kiddie rides, redemption games, video games, traditional evergreen games such as pinball, table soccer, bowling, billiards, ping pong and darts; new technology such as virtual reality and laser games; attractions for parks, inflatables and much more.

However, as mentioned in the previous question, the word ”internationality” is one of the most important ones at this edition of ENADA Spring, thanks above all to the matching platform organized by IEG.